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Monday, July 09, 2012 - 12:30 AM UTC
Kit Form Services keeps fans of the 1/24th scale well catered for with a BL 5.5 Inch Howitzer which considering the scale and being caste in resin is still a reasonable price. Take a look inside for further details.
Kit Form Services is catering to the needs of British AFV’s and artillery with a 1/24th scale BL 5.5 Inch Howitzer. This kit is offered for sale at £120 in the EU and £100 outside of the EU which considering the price is a lot of kit for the money. The model is supplied with a good mix of ammunition and is made from nearly 400 parts in resin, white metal, and photo etch. I will say that having access to four 5.5 Inch guns in various states of repair to fully operational this offering looks very accurate judging from the pictures, and the ammunition cases are excellent. Here is the information as supplied by Kit Form Services;

To complement the recently released 1/24th scale AEC Matador medium artillery gun tractor we also now offer the classic 5.5" towed howitzer also in 1/24th scale. Features include all mechanisms in high detail, working breach, working trails with detachable ground spades. Optional parts are provided for a choice of towed/loading/low angle firing or full elevation. Optional parts are also supplied for wartime & post war use along with optional balancing gear covers & muzzle cover.

The model also offers a traversing gun cradle, complete sights, pioneer tools, real timber gun planks, hand spikes, ranging poles, drag rope, shells, loading tray, charge tubes (open & closed), bag charges, 6 ammo boxes of 3 types, & a comprehensive ammo & ammo box marking decal set. Full build instructions included.

The parts count for this kit comes to approximately 126 in high quality resin & white metal & around 232 in etched brass. That sounds a lot of etched parts but around 80 of those are just lashing loops for CES stowage,(with plenty of spares) a further 80 are buckles for the stowage straps (again with plenty of spares) & 36 are the drag rope hooks for the wheels.

Armorama would like to thank Kit Form Services for letting us know about this release.
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Stunning detail and such a wonderful subject matter !!!!!!!! Is going to look awesome in a display cabinet !!!!!!!!! KFS really rock !!!!!!!!! Nige
JUL 09, 2012 - 09:06 AM
I'm not a 1/24 builder, but that kit looks fantastic!
JUL 09, 2012 - 03:18 PM

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