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Monday, June 20, 2016 - 12:35 AM UTC
A full resin kit of the M29 Weasel heads the line-up from Czech Master Kits this month. There are no details available yet beyond the price of 30.30 Euros, so watch the Special Hobby website for updates.
129-8049 - M29 Weasel full resin kit

129-F48310 - US Driver WW II for 1/48 CMK M29 Weasel kit
The recent CMK 1/48 M29 Weasel resin kit has proved a huge success, and now we have created two resin figures to add a human element to this lovely model. The first of them, the driver's body and legs are sculpted in one piece along with his seat, with separate head and arms so that he can be posed.

129-F48311 - US Gunner with Browning M2 machine gun for 1/48 CMK M29 Weasel kit
The second of the M29 figures is the gunner with his M2 machine gun. Although the M29 was intended as reconnaissance rather than a fighting machine, some of them did receive armament in the shape of a 50cal Browning M2 machine gun on a pivoting mount. The figure comes with separate head and arms, with the Browning crisply moulded. It could also be used in other vehicles with a similar mount.

129-F48309 - German WW II Motorcycle Rider (pushing his machine) for 1/48 Tamiya BMW kit
A German soldier figure that has been patterned to fit the new Tamiya model. The soldier is pushing his machine, a sight rather common during spring or autumn on the Eastern front, where everything including motorcycles got mired in almost bottomless mud. This figure makes an ideal accompaniment to your dioramas.

129-F48312 - WW II US Tank Crew Driver and Gunner (two semi figures) for 1/48 Sherman
The set contains two half figures, a driver and a gunner for the Sherman tank. Both of them come with separate heads. The figures can be posed in the tank´s open hatches. Although patterned to fit a Sherman kit, they could be used as well with any other vehicle based on the Sherman chassis.

129-F48313 - WW II US Tank Commander for 1/48 Sherman
A detailed figure of a US Sherman tank commander. Designed to be posed in an open hatch, the figure comes with separate arms and head.

129-F72307 - 1/72 German WW II Wehrmacht Soldiers 1944
Three resin WW2 German soldier figures are provided in this set, two of whom have separate heads and arms, the third being moulded in one piece.

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They've had a 1/48 scale Weasel for some time, is this a new variant or re-issue?
JUN 20, 2016 - 03:29 AM
We broke our quick reply box. Working on it. Until fixed go to topic to reply.

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