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Wednesday, April 19, 2017 - 06:02 PM UTC
MR Modellbau has informed us of its new update sets for modern, WWII, as well as what-if vehicles.
  • MR-35521 Gun Barrel 76mm M1 with Muzzle Thread Protector For Sherman (Tamiya)
  • MR-35557 Stowage And Personal Gear for M4A3E8 Sherman Europe 1944-45 (Tamiya)
  • MR-35558 Tow Cable and Cable Eyes for IDF Puma APC (all kits)
  • MR-35564 Gun Barrel 12cm KwK for Jagdpanther II (Amusing Hobby)
  • MR-35565 Stowage and Personal Gear M4A1 Late Sherman Europe 1944-45
  • MR-35567 Gun Barrel 88mm KwK Jagdpanther II (Amusing Hobby)
  • MR-35575 Tow Cable and Cable Eyes for Sho`t Kal (all kits)
  • MR-35576 Tow Cable nd Cable Eyes Mk.III - XII (for all kits)
  • MR-35580 Chain, Large, (400mm) with Hooks and Tow Eyes (all kits)
Our thanks to MR Modellbau for this update.
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