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Alpine Miniatures have just announced their first Large scale (1/16th scale) figure...
Korean miniatures company Infinity Shape have recently added a few more fantastic figures to their 1/35 scale range of WWII white metal figures.
The VLS Corporation has recently announced their new figure releases for June 2006.
The VLS Corporation has recently announced their diorama related new releases for June 2006.
We've just been sent images of the latest publications from Tankograd Publishing.
The Ukrainian (plastic) manufacturer, MiniArt has announced three new figure sets in 1/35th scale...
The Russian figure manufacturer TANK, has just announced a string of new releases covering some significant gaps in available infantry figures...
The annual Shizuoka Hobby Show has just started in Japan and, not surprisingly, the first off the starting block has been Dragon Models. This time, the Allied modellers are getting something which has been needed for a while...
Firstly, my apologies to Rober Blokker (FAUST) for not posting this earlier. However, as they say, all good things come to those who wait - and if the images and subjects are anything to go by, this is VERY good stuff indeed...

Concord Publications have just announced a new book of particular interest to German AFV Modellers, the third volume in their interesting 'Panzer Vor' series....
Formations are an AM company who specialize. They produce (principally) for two vehicle types, the M4 Sherman and the M3 Stuart. The remainder of their catalog is for some incredibly useful 'Generic' sets for Allied WW2 vehicles.
Many (with sufficient house space) have bought Trumpeter's excellent kit of the German BR52 in 1/35th scale. However, good as the kit is, it still needs some additional touches. The AM manufacturers Eduard have announced no less than FOUR new update sets for this incredible kit...
The AM Manufacturer, Voyager Model have announced EIGHT new upgrade sets - SEVEN in 1/35th and ONE for 1/48th scale.
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Once again an interesting list of new releases from Eduard in 1/72nd, 1/48th and 1/35th Scales..
ModelPoint US. has just announced the arrival of two NEW 1/35th Scale conversion sets from MiniArm - for the T72BM....
Once again, DML has come up with the goods in the form of (advance) images of the NEXT Generation 2 figure set - "Last Battle", Austria 1945
One thing that can certainly be guaranteed from Echelon Fine Details is the unusual... A clear case in point is this new sheet for the LeClerc MBT in 1/35th scale...
Seil Model have recently announced their May 2006 releases. In addition to the figures featured in an earlier sneak preview Seil have announced another stunning 54mm figure and a new addition to their accessories range.
Russian model company Tank has recently announced the latest additions to their range of 1/35 miniatures. They have also announced the release of 3 new accesory kits - all in 1/16 scale!
Ares Mythologic have recently announced the latest edition to their Mythology Series.
Another 'semi-exclusive' for Armorama with the first images (outside the company website) of DML's soon to be released M4a2 'Tarawa' in 1/35th scale...

Our thanks to Dragon Models for again, providing us with the images....
Every month, Concord Publications Company brings us yet another useful book for Armor or Figure modellers. This month, they have gone a step further by producing one specifically for Armor and another which will be equally useful for Figure or Diorama buillders....
Tristar have just announced a future release which should be very welcome for those who build early-war armor...
Thanks to Dragon Models, we are able to bring anoth 'first' to Armorama - ADVANCE images of the features of their Premium Edition Sd. Kfz. 182, Kingtiger (Porsche Turret) in 1/35th scale...
The Polish Barrel and Accesory manufacturer, Armorscale has just announced a large list of new releases - ALL for 1/35th Scale Armor Models...
Dragon Models are continuing their releases program of the Premium Edition series of Armor and figures. This latest release is the 'reworking' of a recent release - their U.S. Rangers, Normandy 1944 in 1/35th scale...
Cyber-Hobby, the division of Dragon Models which is producing Limited - Run armor models, has announced two impressive new releases, with, as can be imagined, a host of extras...
Resicast have just announced three new releases, two full kits and the third, a VERY unusual (and welcome) conversion set...
Figuralia Inspired Miniatures, Armorama.com member Luca Piergentili's company, has recently announced its second release.
We now have two new releases available of unpainted figure kits that were formally cast by Cromwell.
News of an interesting new On-Line store - Aftermarket Armor with a wide range of interesting products...
Here are some images of the latest releases from Propaganda Kompany>
Legend Productions have just announced two new update/conversion sets in 1/35th scale, once again, the emphasis is clearly on the unusual...
Hungarian miniaturists Heroic Miniatures have recently announced their latest releases, covering two very interesting wars, namely the American Civil War and the Sikh Wars.
Lincoln County Line, The VLS Corporation's discount figure subsidiary, has recently announced the following new releases - the one of which will make a very interesting addition to any WWII Allied vignette or diorama!
Letterman Publications, a subsidiary of The VLS Corporation, has recently announced the following new releases for April 2006, which will prove especially useful to the WWII Allied armour modeller.
Custom Dioramics, the diorama accessories subsidiary of The VLS Corporation, has recently announced the following two new releases for April 2006.
Warriors Scale Models, one of the figure subsidiaries of The VLS Corporation, has recently announced the following new releases:
Trakz, the vehicles and vehicle accessories subsidiary of The VLS Corporation, has recently announced the following imminent complete kit release.
Italian figure manufacturer Romeo Models has recently announced two stunning new additions to their range of 54mm white metal historical miniatures.
Italian figure manufacturer Pegaso Models has recently announced their April 2006 releases. This month's releases include two additions to Pegaso's "Old West" range, as well as two 1/35 WWII tankers.
It's always nice to bring news of a New on-line store, particularly a more 'specialized' retailer, which is the case of El Greco Miniatures
Both of these NEW 1/72nd scale kits were covered previously in the News Section, however, we are now able to bring full images of these VERY impressive (April) releases - and yes, they ARE 1/72nd scale!
Three new releases are getting listed from Dragon Models for June 2006...
ACE models just begun production of a 1/72nd scale Pak.38 (50mm)
Three new and very interesting new 1/35th scale decal sheets from Bison Decals...
The Scottish manufacturer, Accurate Armour has just announced several new releases AND published it's future release lists...
Andrea Miniatures has recently announced their new releases for April 2006. This month sees the latest addition to "The Narnia Chronicles" as well as an Easter release.
Seil Model have recently announced their April 2006 releases. In addition to the figures featured in an earlier sneak preview Seil have announced another stunning 54mm figure and a new addition to their accessories range.
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