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Accurate Armors latest 1/35th scale vehicle kit releases are the DEACON 6 Pr Portee (K113), the Land Rover XD TUM WMIK (LR003) and the RB 17/19 Crawler Excavator (K133).
The Ukrainian manufacturer ACE Models announced that it has begun production of a 1/72 scale Iraqi upgraded T-55 (Enigma). ACE catalog number is 72152.
Ukrainian company ACE Models just begun production of a latest Russian upgrade of famous MT-LB transporter. BTR-80 turret utilized with this version. The kit also includes photo-etched parts.
The first figures of MIG Productions are these two Soviet tankers. Two figures in action, perfect for use in a diorama together with other figures. You can use them for any period between 1942 and 1945, in different tank types, from the Sherman to the T-34 or a JSII.
I had the pleasure of meeting Ken Lawrence from Pacific Coast Models when I was at the Silicon Valley IPMS show earlier this month. In case you haven't run across PCM before, they specialize in kits from the Italian Air Force and Italian Army as well as offering their own manufactured kits. Recently they have added a variety of armor/figure kits from Historica, Cri.El Model, and CA MA Models.
Ian Sadler has come through once again and spent untold hours scanning images from a Soviet government T55 Service Manual. I have taken these images and processed them for the web, merging them into one easy to read/print Adobe PDF document. For those who don't already have Adobe Acrobat Reader installed on their system it's available at no charge on the Adobe Web site (www.adobe.com). The document is a little less than 2mb and contains 38 separate images from the manual. Russian text is also present on the images although I am not sure how readable it is.
The folks over at Platzdarm.com would like to share news of some new release 1/72 armor kits from Ace Models. They include a 1/72 MT-LBM 6MV Armored troop-carrier prime-mover. Their price on this modern Soviet kit is $8.50 (USD). They also have the 1/72 GAZ-AA (Soviet Ford AA) WWII army truck. And the price for that kit is $7.00 (USD). Read on to get direct links.

Hong Kong Creation Workshop 1/35th scale Leopard II track is now available from Trackjam Models. Each set consists of 180 track links of which 170 have standard rubber pads and 10 have grousers. a total of 168 track links (84 per sode) are required.
This month Tamiya is releasing a new armor kit to add to your collection-the T-55A Russian Medium Tank.
Not to leave you Diorama Modelers out of the mix, I've gotten my hands on the latest releases from Verlinden for you as well. Among them are a castle remains and park wall materials.
With December upon us, Eduard Model Accessories has released some new items just in time for Christmas. Among their releases are new photoetch sets and express masks.
Verlinden is releasing some great add-ons for tankers in November. Items include; an M5 Recon/Command interior & exterior for the Tamiya kit, stowage pieces for the M5, US tanker figures reading mail, and other 1/35 scale WWII items. Civil War fans will also enjoy the 8 inch Armstrong Rifle Confederate with a figure included.
Announcing Quartermaster's Depot! The newest scale model accessories store on the Internet. We have just opened for business and currently offer a line of American,
British, Canadian and German Second World War posters, D-Day Maps, Modern Maps,
WWII Newspapers, WWII German Magazines, and three styles of Camouflage nets, all
in 1/35 scale.
Grief is a manufacturer from Mexico that specializes in clear headlight lenses of all colours and various shapes. In addition, they make resin detail parts in 1:35th scale. Their latest offering is product code GF 034 sherman headlight lenses, also in 1:35th scale. This item is for any 1:35 th scale M4 Sherman kit and consists of two 2mm lenses and two resin headlight mounts with blackout lights.
Tamiya will shortly be releasing an ausf. M version of the venerable Marder III series German tank-destroyer. Produced from 1943-1944, the Ausf. M varient was based on the Panzerkampfwagen 38(t) chasis and over 350 were still in-service by the end of the war. This 4 man tank killer is a must for any serious WWII armor builder.
WOW, and WOW again! I tried building this darned thing three or four times already, and have several ruined Sherman hulks to bear witness! But now Legend Productions has made that a whole lot easier. I picked this conversion up through Blast Models for the reasonable sum of 79 Euros. This is reasonable, when you consider the proportions of the kit. It is also worth an extre 10 % to me just foor being IDF material!
Dream Catcher has released a 6 piece set of stowage for modern vehicles. The resin cast items represent the covered rucksacks so often seen dangling from the sides of modern vehicls. Sure it's possible to do them yourself, we are just trying to make life easier at a fair price.
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For fans of the late war and what-if subjects, Paper Panzer Productions announces the release of their latest creation; the Maus Turret! This multimedia aftermarket set corrects numerous flaws found in the manufacturer produced Maus and E-100 tank kits.
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How about a paper panzer on wheels? Best Value brings us a "what-if" where an Italeri has a new turret with an anti-tank XT-7 Rotkappchen mounted to take on the hordes of IS-3's, Pershings, and Centurions.
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There are four new items from Plus Model for October, a large farmhouse, an air conditioner unit and more.
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