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Back in November, we ran a report on a future title from the Australian publishing house The Factory Publishing. Now, a significant update.
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A few months ago, DML announced (and released) a Pz.Kpfw.I Ausf.B variant which mounted the 15cm s.IG.33. Now in a welcome move, the gun is available seperately.
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With the 2009 catalogue and speaking with the company at Nuremberg, we can now give a pretty complete list of what MiniArt Ltd. plan to release during the course of 2009.
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Hungary based miniatures company The Body, owned by figure sculptor Krisztián Bódi, have recently announced the imminent release two new 1/35 scale WW2 head sets, including a US head set which although marketed as a GI set could certainly be used with other US military branches of the period.
  • 06228
Allarmi! have announced the release of two new figures to be released in May, a British 8th Army infantryman and an Italian paratrooper 1942.
Please visit SK Miniatures to see what are the latest products in stock.
  • Reklama_Morris_Quad_AW_03_
Capricorn Publications have been doing a series of highly-useful books on a variety of vehicles. Here's their latest:
  • con_whlhOZ
With the recent release of the Merkava IV from Academy, a series of new Upgrade/Conversion sets have been announced from Legend Productions.
  • 003209
Mushroom Model Publications have announced the publication of a new book in their Green Series: T-34/76 Camouflage & Markings.
  • 008_copy12
Skp have announced the release of an interesting resin conversion for the 1:35 Tamiya Hetzer; an ST - III (training) conversion set for Tamiya Hetzer.

  • b6006a
Bravo-6 have sent us an image of the latest figure in their Vietnam '68 range, which will be released in March.
  • Kitmaker11
IBG Models is a subsidiary of the Polish company International Business Group who are importers, distributors and retailers of various product lines.
  • -023
Another in our Work-in-Progress series of Photo-reports. Once again, Masterbox Ltd. share photos of a New figure set.
  • AR35295
Archer have just announced their February Releases with a series of new sheets covering Instrument dials and placards.
  • Kitmaker11
The Polish manufacturer, Adalbertus Miniatures were once again at Nuremberg - showing their New releases and talking about their future plans.
  • 7030-cover
Concord Publications have just announced the second volume in their Sturmartillerie at War series.
  • Kitmaker11
Of all the manufacturers exhibiting at Nuremberg, Trumpeter was probably the one with most new items on show and in their catalogue.
  • 001305
Special East have issued three new sets of wheels for the M706 / LAV-150 / V-150 HOBBY BOSS kits.
  • Kitmaker11
Inevitably, one of first visits to a manufacturer at Nuremberg is to Masterbox Ltd.. In the times i've been going to the show and the help they've given the Network, it's inevitable that a good relationship has developed.
  • herpa5
The German maufacturer, Herpa are better known for a range of small-scale vehicles & aviation subjects. Now though, the company has launched its own Air-Brush.
  • Kitmaker11
Another year, another meeting with the Ukrainian manufacturer MiniArt. This year though, their release lists far exceed any the company have announced before.
  • 6532-1
Even with the extraordinary work being done in new releases, there still remains a shortage of the 'ancillary' items such as trailers. Here's a reworked release from DML which should be pretty useful.
  • CB35022_Sdkfz_221_Chinese_version
Bronco Model have just sent us the box-art of an interesting 'variant' of the Sd.Kfz 221:
  • 001302
Ultracast have released a new Canadian Crewman and a set of munition boxes in 1/35 scale.
  • Skdfz7late-Preview1
Trumpeter used this years Nuremberg Show to give the first outing to this latest variant of the Sd.Kfz 7 Prime Mover. Here are more photos...
  • 005183
Bravo-6 have informed us that their latest figure in their Vietnam '68 range will be released this weekend.
  • 6421-1
Another day, yet another Dragon Models release..
  • hm35015_2_medium
Helo Miniatures, owned by figure sculptor Anders Heintz, have after a long hiatus announced their first figures of 2009. The all American line-up includes the first commercial sculpt by a new Australian sculptor (and Armorama member) Bradley James.
  • AF35167
Recently, we showed the images of AFV Club's future release - their Churchill Mk. III AVRE in 1/35th scale. Here's a more detailed update.

  • AF48006
AFV Club have just sent us images of many of the items which we can expect to see during 2009.
  • 06220
Alpine Miniatures bring us the full story on their new releases and the figure competiton they are running to mark their fifth anniversary.
  • 35007e1
The Hungarian miniatures company The Body, owned by figure sculptor Krisztián Bódi, have recently announced the imminent release of a new vehicle driver. surely be used as the driver of near any wheeled or even half-tracked vehicle.
  • 06219
Sometime ago Taesung Harmms asked for help on Armorama to research Commonwealth Tanker uniforms in the North African Campaign. Well here at last are the fruits of that research.
  • 03262
Cammetts have released two update sets for both the Dragon and Trumpeter 1/35 E100.
  • 009910
Tank Workshop has released two new items as well as announcing some future releases.
  • 03261
Roden are to release a model of The Rolls Royce Armored Car in 1/35 scale in plastic.
  • 6528-1
Another new set from Dragon Models - this time considerably bigger than the usual...
  • HLX48279
With the recent releases from both AFV Club and Tamiya/Supermodel these new releases are both welcome and inevitable...
  • 6465-1
For those who dislike adding Zimmerit, Dragon Models have just announced their latest in their 'Zimm-Ready' range.
  • l_NBB023
Particularly well-timed with the release of of DML's model of the Pz I variant in 1/35th scale...
  • con_2Cy5dM
Three new releases have been announced by the Korean manufacturer, Legends Productions
  • 04252
Resicast have announced the release of a Churchill ARK Mk I conversion for the AFV Churchill as well as some useful damaged boxes and a driver for the Universal Carrier

  • l_GRMBPL35005
Griffon Models have just announced SEVEN new update sets for U.S. Halftracks in 1/35th scale
  • R35-045_image1
The Polish AM Barrel and Accesory manufacturer, ArmorScale, have announced a considerable release list.
  • 6528-cover
Concord Publications have announced their latest book.
  • 35067
MiniArt Ltd. have been kind enough to send us images of the sprue shots of their (forthcoming) Dingo Scout Car in 1/35th scale.
  • 03259
Nimix have re launched their 1/35 Patriot Launcher kit.
  • 04251
Real Model have sent us images and the box art for their new accessory : Big Stowage Set for the AAVP -7A1
  • 6491-1
Dragon Models Limited have just announced another 1/35th scale figure set.
  • 004193
Resicast have announced the release of some aftermarket goodies for the AFV Churchill.

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