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New releases of our popular 1st Texas Brigade series are now shipping. The 3rd and final multi figure diorama that can connect to the first two releases includes 3 figures at the battle of Antietam (AKA Sharpsburg) in their struggle against the Iron Brigade in Miller's corn field. Six new figures will also be released shortly to complete the series....
When DML brought out kits like their new Tigers it was considered the next 'evolutionary step in armor modelling. Now it seems as if a similar revolution is underway with their figures..
High on many modern modellers wish lists for a number of years, has been a new kit of the Lav 25 Piranha in 1/35th scale. Now after a long wait, Trumpeter have now released one....
The Scottish armor and vehicle manuacturer, Cromwell Models has just announced yet another interesting new product in 1/35th scale...
It seems like ages since there was some really solid news from Dragon however, now there is some significant news on several different fronts....
Perfect Scale Modellbau have added a new product to their catalog: the Diehl 513B tracks for M113 family vehicles.
Armorscale have sent us information about their new releases.
Voyager Model have once again surprised us with some great releases this month, as well as 2 new 1:48 scale PE sets.
Although the American "Wild West" has never been of an historical interest to me, it's what the West inspires that has always appealed to me. It's the idea of new frontiers, a hostile land, high adventure...
Heroic Miniatures, first introduced to Armorama readers in June 2005, have recently announced their latest releases and issued a few "in progress" photographs - including a bust! We are also able to bring you confirmation and photographs of the painted "Austrian Jager Officer, 1859", which we had previously announced as forthcoming.
The Shanghai-based company Trumpeter is perhaps better-known for its 1/35th AFV/Vehicle kits. Figures have not been an important part of its catalog although this may change...
One of the more interesting of the plethora of new companies in recent years, has been Echelon Fine Details. The company has gained an enviable reputation for itself in the production of some truly intriguing 1/35th decal sheets with a strong (although not exclusive) list of 1/35th sheets for modern vehicle subjects. This trend continues with three out of the four new releases this month...
This specialist range of resin/pewter model kits are arguably amongst the finest figurine/busts available and was awarded the Modell Des Jahres 2000.
Braille scale manufacturer ACE Model has just announced the latest addition to their accessories catalogue... an etched track set for Russian armour!
As Costas (Major_Goose) and I mentioned earlier this month, Seil Model have a tonne of new releases. At the time of posting the last news article (HERE), I mentioned that we did not have further information on three other new releases - which we now gladly bring you! All of these will be available on 15 August 2005.
This month Russian manufacturer Tank goes back to their usual WWII Soviet subjects, and let me say, these are once again a breathe of fresh air in the 1/35 scale figure market. It's not often we get to see WWII Soviet troops in advance/retreat poses, let alone some of them wounded!
Polish company Part is fast becoming well known for their PE sets for DML kits. This month they bring us 4 more PE sets for... you guessed it... DML.
Tiger Model Designs, has, in the last month or two, been releasing a series of 'teasers' about their plans for future releases. Now some of these releases have been announced and they are truly impressive...
The Scottish armor manufacturer Accurate Armour shows no indications of slowing down in its extraordinary release list - good for the AFV modeller, bad news for one's bank account...
Czech-Republic based PlusModel have a few new 1/35 scale diorama releases this month, as well a very nice selection of 1/48 paving stones - well your 1/48 vehicles need something to drive on don't they?
F.M. Beneito Miniatures is certainly not a new name to veteran figurists. Spanish miniature manufacturer F.M. Beneito has been around for some 20 years, producing some of the most amazing high quality - and competively priced - figures on the market.
Well, it looks like an exciting double feature from Seil Model this month.
Announced a month or two ago to a great deal of enthusiasm, Italeri's new kit should be welcomed within many sectors of the armor modelling fraternity...
There's only one military history release from Spanish company El Viejo Dragón Miniatures this month, but it is a beautiful Roman piece...
August's releases from Spanish miniatures company Andrea includes another impressive 90mm knight, and some equally impressive additions to their Sky Warriors (Pilots in 1:48) series.
NIMIX has released a new article: C/52 Artificial Snow.
I am afraid I cannot tell you much about the background of French manufacturer DES Kit, but what I can tell you is that they have a fantastic range of vehicles, figures and diorama accessories in various scales. Most significantly, however, DES Kit addresses the shortage of WWI and WWII French subjects.
Rest Models have just announced their latest 1/35 scale figure release, as well an exciting forthcoming addition to their catalogue... 1/48 scale figures!
Only one offering from Korean outfit Seil Model this month, and not even a military subject at that. But one cannot help admit, it is beautiful sculpt, and one that is guaranteed to score any modeller points with his lady!
US firm Formations continue to expand their impressive range of equally impressive Sherman upgrade, conversion and detailing sets.
I must say, initially I was disappointed to see that there was only one new release from Voyager this month, however, when I saw the size of this PE set, I knew why...
It's been a few months since the last fantastic Kancali release, and it has been worth the wait. Kancali continue to amaze with their range of diorama accessories!
Normally I do not like writing a news article without conclusive evidence, and preferably some reference to the kit on the manufacturer's website. Acting on a "tip off" from a very reliable source I set off in search of the mystical new Trumpeter range of kits. The only reference I had to work off was a suprising short thread on Missing-lynx. Eventually I found pictures of the elusive new 1/48 "Project Sherman" in my very own backyard.
1/72 scale specialists ACE Model have just announced the latest addition to their stable...
Armorscale have sent us info about their new releases and products to be released soon.
It's been a while since we have had any news from Italian figure manufacturer Romeo Models. Here are their most recent new releases.
I was so impressed by the detailing on the new accessories releases from Russian manufacturer Tank, that I felt the accessories needed their own seperate news story to get the attention they deserve.
Russian manufacturer Tank never ceases to amaze and please with their high quality non toxic polymeric resin 1/35 scale figures. Until now, their figure range has focused on German and Soviet WWII subjects. Tanks latest exciting releases include several modern Russian troops from the Chechnyan crisis.
It's been a while since we heard from Czech manufacturer Calibre 35... Or is that Calibre 48? Or perhaps even Calibre 72?
As you may have guessed, Calibre 35 has extended their range of products to 1/48 and 1/72, titled Calibre 48 and Calibre 72 respectively.
No matter how much PE you throw in the box, there will always be someone to release an additional PE set. In this case the former being DML, and the latter once again Polish company Part.
We're about to get started with an online figure painting tutorial over at TimeLines.

The tutorial will be run by Jaume Ortiz and Pete Herrera.

Concord Publications have just released their latest editions in the Armor At War and ASSAULT: Journal of Armored & Heliborne Warfare Series.
Hot off the presses, Pegaso Models has announced its new releases for July 2005. Although not high in quantity this month, these releases are, as always, high in quality!
Many of you may remember the news article about newcomers Trifon Miniatures from the Introduction to the Argentine company I did last month. As a follow up to June 2005's article (and I realise this may appear to be a repeat of the introduction), we are now proud to bring you the first official Trifon Miniatures releases.
Athens Miniatures , Greece's leading high quality figures company , extend their range of 65mm miniatures by 3 more products.
Pretty Interesting historical figures, as a Cozak, a Byzantine Infantry , and a Halberdier.
It has been two months since the last fantastic set of new releases from Spanish company MIG Productions. Once again MIG has succeeded in producing some very interesting releases, and once again they need to be summed up in two seperate news reports. This time, however, not between armour and figures... but rather naval (Warships) and everything else!
Last month I had the pleasure of introducing the Armorama community to the fantastic figure works of Seil Model and Armorama member Tomas Castano (aka Tomascastano). I once again have the pleasure of announcing the latest release from this winning team!

July 2005 sees the release of the much awaited Tamiya Leclerc...
Tamiya has but 2 figure releases for July 2005, both, I am sure, welcome additions to the relevant series.
Czech-Republic based PlusModel, most noticably known for their series of Mercedes G4's, have just announced their latest batch of diorama and accessory releases.
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