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  • o_0013
Nemrod have recently released a pair of 1/35 US Marines 1943, in resin.
  • sig
Nuts & Bolts have just announced their latest title.
  • 4-2008-01_TUSK_
Tankograd Publishing have just announced their NEXT list of book releases.
  • rope_samples_008
There's a lot of material about which, through trial and error, will serve as convincing ropes for tie-downs etc. However, many of us simply don't have the time to search for suitable material and it would be so much easier to simply buy the stuff in an appropriate diameter...
  • o_0011
Archer have issued two sets of transfers for USMC Shermans on Iwo Jima.
  • o_001
Tank Workshop have updated their site with the latest Model Point and Masterclub releases.
  • 35055
MiniArt Ltd. have just announced their latest figure set
  • 00001_2
Dragon are to release the latest in their long line of T-34 kits, a Smart kit of the T-34/76 Mod.1942 with the Hexagonal Turret.

  • 72260
ACE Models have just released a 1/72 scale Kfz.17 in plastic.

  • AW_05NEW
Capricorn Publications are a Czech publishing house who specialize (in the majority of their current titles) in Allied vehicles of WWII.
  • MA129
The Australian manufacturer, Mouse House, has just informed us of the company's latest releases.
  • 11431
Adalbertus Miniatures have just announced two new sets of AFV Crews. Also announced (in 1/48th scale) is an interesting little diorama piece.
  • D356042
Somewhat delayed (by my summer vacation), here are the latest announcemnts from Echelon Fine Details.
The Portugese AM manbufacturer, RMG Resin Models have sent us details of their latest 1/35th scale releases.
  • 6520-cover
A nice change from their usual subjects has been announced from Concord Publications.
  • new71
Perhaps it would have been more appropriate to simply have posted this on the Network's figure site Historicus Forma, but as an interesting example of WIP its something that should get maximum coverage.
  • 001170
Moustafa Assad of Blue Steel Books informs us that he will launch a new book on Lebanese Civil war Gun trucks at Euro Militaire this year.
  • 002117
The Factory Publishing are to release two new books, one on the Panzers of the Afrika Korps in Tunisia and another on British and Indian Army Shermans in the Far East.
  • Testheader
In a very interesting change of direction (and time-frame), Masterbox Ltd. have sent us some images of a what may (or may not) be the beginning of a new range of figures.
  • m86
A few months ago, we were given a large number of images of a major WIP from Masterbox Ltd - their French Resistance set. Now, we can share the images of the figures as they'll look in the first mouldings.
  • c810
Masterbox Ltd. have just come back from their well-earned vacations with a series of updates which they have once again shared with this Network.
  • 00496
News of some brand new Russian and US 1/35 scale resin figures from General Issue Resin Figures a sister company of Tiger Werke.

  • 35081WN
Bison Decals have just informed us of their latest relases in 1/35th scale with an eighth sheet in 1/48th.
  • 33399387
Rob Ervin of Formations has added a British Vision Cupola with Adapter for Shermans and a set of Directional Tread Tires for the Skybow 3/4 ton Dodge to his line of products.
  • GermanAntenna1
SKP Model continue to expand their range of aftermarket parts with a set of WW2 German Antenna in brass.
  • 00878
Tristar Models have announced the release of a set of 1/35 WW II British Paratroopers with Welbikes.
  • 11039
ACE have announced the release of a plastic kit of the M-102 US 105mm light towed howitzer in 1/72scale.
  • 35071a
Taesung Harmms kindly informed us about Alpine Miniatures August 2008 releases.
  • nberg_08_044
Trumpeter's U.S. importers, Stevens International, have just sent us details of the company's releases for December 2008.
  • 001162
Cromwell Models send us news of their latest kit, and this time they'veeven told us what scale it is - 1/72 Israeli Puma Batash with Doghouse.
  • DSC_1800
Trumpeter seem to be moving their development program into high gear - here are images of TWO new subjects in 1/35th.
  • HF_584_1_
There's little doubt that AFV Club's Churchill III is going to be a greatly sought-after model. However, whenever a model of this type is announced, many people start wondering about 'populating' it. Here's the dedicated crew set...
  • 01299
Real Model have released another Vietnam War U.S. Gun truck conversions set - this time Satan's L'il Angel.
  • 01298
Cromwell Models send us news of their latest kit. a Russian BMPT Terminator.
  • 01295
Cyber-Hobby have announced the release of a 1/35 Panzer III & Borgward.
  • stug35
When Pat McGrath ran the first story on the new Czech AM company, Black Dog, I have to say I was impressed. Here are their latest releases.
This monograph is dedicated to more advanced modelling techniques.
  • 7065-cover
Concord Publications have announced the latest in their 'Armor at War' series.
  • 01294
Blue Steel Books are to release a new book on the Italian AFV the Centauro.
  • 24409_1Full
The U.S. AM company, Tiger Model Designs, tends to announce series' of 'connected' releases concentrating on one or two vehicles at a time or continuing a previous line. These new releases follow this trend.
  • thebelgianschool
From Italian company Auriga Publishing comes a showcase of Belgian Modelling.
  • 08012052a
Another image update from AFV Club. Once again, images supplied by the company.
  • 08012021a
We've just been sent images of what will probably be one of THE major releases of the year for Allied modelers - AFV Club's Churchill in 1/35th.
  • 000117
Real Model have issued a limited edition 100 piece conversion set for the "Black Widow" U.S. gun truck and a book on Canadian LAV IIIs in Afghanistan.
  • 11033
It's only just appearing in the retail outlets and already the AM manufacturers are rubbing their hands at the spin-offs. First out of the starting gate is LionRoar.
  • 000116
Archer have issued some useful new transfer including British and Canadian Para insignia and stenciled info for 105mm ammo boxes.
  • M1130_Preview4_1_
More Photo-Updates on Trumpeter's future releases.
  • M1078_LMTV_f2-mail-ver
Announced here with a handful of images a few weeks ago, here's a major update.
  • 002102
Dragon have published the poster for their M16 Halftrack.

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