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Previously announced and and long awaited, Dragon's new British Infantry set looks (at least on first examination) well worth the wait...
Perfect Scale from Germany are a new company on the market. Their first product is a resin set with engine and engine compartment for Tamiya Leopard 2A5 and 2A6 kits.
With the increasing popularity of 1/72nd/1/76th scale and the constant new releases from the big manufacturers, it is excellent to be able to report on a company which is producing a superb line of vehicles, figures and conversion sets - in 1/76th Scale - Milicast Models
Dragon (DML) released four new 1/144 kits, or actually kit sets, as each of released sets lets you build two models.
Leadwarrior is a company which specializes in high-quality armor conversions in 1/35th Scale. With this (the first) news story on this company, we are pleased to give an overview of its new releases. In the first instance, as is becoming a habit, I would like to acknowledge the 'heads up' from Terry Ashley of P.M.M.S.
Airborne Miniatures out of Poland has two new releases that are unlike anything else on the market. Again, Maciek Rebkowski gives modern modelers subjects they've been looking for!
It is some time since there have been such a major batch of new releases from Legend Productions. It is also some time since Legend updated their website... Happily both these situations have been rectified and we can now present a comprehensive list of the new Legend releases....
HardCorps Models have been featured on the news sections here on several occasions. Previously their products have consisted of decal sets or resin add-ons such as the additional Sherman armor which was their first release. However, this news moves HardCorps into a new dimension - introducing their first major conversion sets.....
A company which needs little introduction, Alpine Miniatures have just posted their new releases for August....
Another new figure from a company I had never previously heard of Stormtroopers. Although an established company, this new release seems to be something very special...
Airmodel is a German manufacturer of conversions/complete kits. The majority are for aviation modellers, however they also produce a number of kits for the armor modeller....
It has been some considerable time since anything was posted here on new or recent releases from Resicast. With these 10 recent releases, the situation should be somewhat rectified....
Luis Santos of Llama Models sent me information about availability of three decal set from Condor Decals.
Andrea Miniatures has announced it's new releases for August 2004. Once again, as is becoming very typical with this company, something for all interests...
Once again a large block of releases from Voyager Model... As is normal from this company, something for all periods and nationalities....
Concord have just released a new book in their Armor At War series: U.S. Tank Battles in North Africa and Italy 1943-45 by Steven j. Zaloga.
Accurate Armour continue with their interesting release schedule. In addition to the new British Army figures highlighted by Vodnik, several other releases deserve a mention...
Letterman Productions are the publishing 'Arm' of the VLS Corporation. In the last few months, I was lucky enough to have reviewed a number of their recent publications. These two latest titles will be available shortly, however the subjects are so interesting, It is worth using this to give advance 'warning'.....
Accurate Armour released two new figures: Modern British driver and co-driver.
AFV Club released announced long time ago 1/35 scale model of German WW2 7.5 cm anti-tank gun: PaK 40.
On their website Eduard published a newsletter with new releases for August.
On their website Eduard published a newsletter with new releases for August.
Looking for something a little different than a WWII German? Nemrod has a forthcoming release that takes you back to 1758 and the wilds of North America.
So you've got a 1/35 UH-60, MH-60 or AH-6 but no crew to go with it. Looks like help is on the way.
Firestorm Models has recently released a WWII Aussie in the Pacific, and it looks like more large-scale Diggers could be on the way.
ACE Models have just announced the recent release of a Raupenschlepper Ost type 01....
Harper Castings is a 'subdivision' of the increasingly prolific Hardcorps Models. These new figures follow the theme established by Hardcorps - to concentrate entirely on the Pacific Theater....
Archer Fine Transfers released five new dry transfers sets for 1/16 scale armor models.
Dragon Models Limited (DML) added new model to their "'39 - '45 Series".
Dragon Models Limited (DML) added two new models to their 1/72 kits line.
Academy have just re-released their British Warrior MCV model in Operation Telic (Iraq 2003) version (set catalogue numer 13201).
Dragon Models Limited (DML) added new modern armor model to their 1/72 series: British Challenger 2 tank in KFOR markings. The kit catalogue number is 7222.
Trakz (A VLS Company) has released a conversion kit for the popular M26A1 Dragon Wagon recovery vehicle. This kit updates the truck to a "soft cab" version with over 20 resin pieces as well as a sheet of P/E and full instructions on modifying the Tamiya kit.
This month brings us several new WWII Figures from Warriors. All the figures are resin cast and 3 of them are 1/35 scale, the other is a 1/9 scale John Rosengrant bust. VLS has been kind enough to send us these items for review so stay tuned for more details on them soon.
Echelon Fine Details have just released two decal sets for modern armor.
Blast Models have just released two new 1/35 scale resin figure sets.
Blast Models have just released another resin conversion set.
Dragon has just re-released thir 60cm Moerser "Karl" kit, but this time they added "X" to the kit number, making it 6179X. Of course they also changed the contents of the kit.
Academy (Europe) announced three new diorama accessories releases on their website (http://academy-europe.de).
Academy (Europe) announced a new release on their website (http://academy-europe.de): 1/16 WW2 German Luftwaffe Officer figure.
Dragon has just released yet another figure set in their Normandy Campaign WWII 60th Anniversary series. This is another set of US. Army soldiers: Anti-Tank Team (set 6237).
Hobby Fan has just released a new set of figures: German Sd.Kfz. 251/1 crew (4 figures). Set catalogue number is HF560.
Eduard have just published a newsletter with the list of July releases.
Dragon continues to enlarge their offer of 1/72 armor kits. They release both modern and WW2 subjects in this line.
Hobby Fan have just released another conversion set for Tamiya AAV7A1 amphibious vehicle (1/35).
Battlezone Miniatures have announced an interesting new release in 54mm scale AND some interesting news about new product availability....
Tristar are rapidly establishing themselves as one of the premier producers of plastic figures on the market. This new release will only enhance this reputation...
AFV Club has just released two new products on Taiwanese market.
Hobby Fan has just released another set of figures for German WW2 PaK40 gun.
Verlinden Productions has anoounced it's release schedule for August. Amongst the usual items are the following Figure Releases...
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