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The latest book from Concord Publications has just been announced:
The Polish manufacturer, Armorscale, has just announced a series of VERY varied and interesting new releases in 1/35th and 1/72nd scale:
Armoured Brigade Models is a Canadian company who do a considerable number of (Resin) updates for vehicles based on the M3/M4 Hull. Particulary notable are their M4 updates. Now, the company has announced two VERY significant update/conversion sets - to build an accurate M3 Grant/Lee in Commonwealth service:
First of all, apologies for the lateness of this report! However, as they say, all good things come to those who wait. In this case, the latest releases from the Scottish manufacturer, Accurate Armour are certainly worth waiting for:
It's been too long snce the Russian Figure manufacturer, Tank gave us some new releases - now there are six new releases, particularly for the early/mid-war period.
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Another figure set from Dragon Models, which although it's been announced for a while, we were waiting for the images to post it as a News report:
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Dragon Models Limited have just sent us images of their latest (and welcome) addition to the 1/35th scale Pz IV 'stable':
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After what seems like a while, the Canadian manufacturer, Ultracast, have announced a series of New 1/35th scale AFV crews and heads...
Lawrence Goh, of Echelon Fine Details has just sent us details of some VERY impressive NEW releases along with a 'sneak-peek' at some equally FUTURE releases...
Pete Morton who has sculpted figures for Jaguar, Warriors, VLS
Construction bat, plus many other companies has started his own company JAKREI Miniatures to produce New British and Commonwealth figures in 1/35 scale. These will surely be welcomed by builders of the recent slew of Shermans and other Allied vehicles.
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Dragon Models have just sent us the latest images of two Surprise releases in 1/35th scale...
George Bradford's excelllent series of AFV Plans will need little introduction to many modellers. Now, comes news of their compilation into books...
Scott Meyer has announced us about three new items from The Lost Battalion.
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Dragon Models Ltd. have just published the first details of their forthcoming Isherman in 1/35th scale...
Colorado Miniatures have announced us about new releases of Takahashi Modelling, a Japanese manufacturer.
The latest 1/35th scale kit in 1/35th scale has just been announced by Dragon Models - an SU-100...
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The Sd. Kfz 251 series ran to four 'Ausfs' and some of these ran to 23 variants on the same chassis. One of the more impressive was the 251/17 - now the subject of a New, 1/35th scale kit from the Taiwanese manufacturer, AFV Club...
At the beginning let me say that this report should serve simply as an indicator as to what to expect from Trumpeter during 2007. There have been other items announced which were not on show at Nuremberg and other items in the catalogue which may or may not appear this year...
Recently having reviewed one of ICM Holding's recent figure sets, the conclusion I came to is that the company is making a big effort to come up with new and innovative products. Having got myself a copy of the 2007 catalogue there are certainly some interesting relaeses planned for this year...
Although 'Braille-scale' still remains a touch overshadowed by 1/35th scale, there is no reason to believe that it's in any danger of vanishing. Virtually all the 'majors' continue to support it and certain companies such as Mirage have some wonderful material coming out..
In this, the third report on Miniart's release plans for 2007, the attention turns to their AFV/Vehicle kits - included amongst tehm are no less than THREE subjects which have never been attempted in plastic
There is little doubt that one of the most welcome 'series' of vehicle kits in 1/35th scale were the KVs which started arriving a year or two ago amidst a great deal of critical acclaim. Now, the first of the HobbyBoss KVs are in production with many more to follow...
As any regular user of the News Section will realize, Masterbox Ltd. is a company which gets a reasonable amount of coverage. However, after my recent conversations with the company and the opportunity to see their NEXT releases, there are some extraordinary sets coming from them in the coming months...
Although MiniArt has gained a justifiably good reputation with its other ranges, one of the more innovative aspects of its release program has undoubtedly been their 1/35th scale buildings. Now, with the assistance of their catalogue, we're able to bring you their 2007 releases...
The last year or two has seen a series of new, injection-moulded styrene manufacturers emerge. One of the most interesting and imaginative, has undoubtedly been MiniArt...
Due to the prolific nature of DML's release schedule, the Nuremberg Toy Fair only saw a handful of new releases announced. These were covered, briefly, at the beginning of the show .on the News pages here. However, there is a LOT more coming in 2007...
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Alpine Miniatures is proud to present new 1/35th scale figures for 2007!
This is the first in the individual reports of a series which will be under the N'Berg '07 title. To start, we look at the Italian manufacturer, Italeri, a company which is going to be making a HUGE impact during 2007...
Alpine Miniatures is proud to present new 1/35 figures for 2007!
As a taster for MORE new releases, which will be announced at Nuremberg, Dragon mOdels Limited have announced their latest Smart Kit in 1/35th scale - the 38 (t)..
No less than three manufacturers have announced the Stryker (and some of its variants) in 1/35th scale. However, it looks as if AFV Club may well be first off the starting blocks!
Although previously announced, Dragon Models Limited have now published images of their forthcoming Marder III in 1/35th scale...
A constant (and frequently correct) criticism of many 1/35th scale figure releases, is the 'static' nature of the poses. Now, the Ukrainian manufacturer, Masterbox Ltd. have announced three new, 1/35th scale, styrene figure sets which aim to provide a little more 'movement' into the available figures...
The return of Yanks Miniatures who specialise in WW2 Allied figures
and diorama accessories was announced HERE (LINK) late last year.
Unfortunately they were some teething problems with their website. The good news, is this has now been sorted out....
Verlinden have announced their upcoming 1/35 figures.
Mig Productions have announced their new release. This is a civilian old Russian man from WW 2 era, at 1/35 scale.
Dragon Models Limited have just announced a new, 1/35th scale figure set...
Dragon Models Limited have just given images of an announced release and images of another....
As the official and exclusive distributor of Soldati, Marco Ganghini of Best Soldiers informed us about their December 2006 releases on 1/35 scale.

Master Box Ltd have recently announced the imminent release of a number of 1/35 scale plastic injection mould figure kits. Included are no less than three US Army ETO figure sets!
Master Box Ltd have recently announced the imminent release of a number of 1/35 scale plastic injection mould figure kits. Included are no less than three US Army ETO figure sets!
Dragon Models have announced their latest (and somewhat unexpected) 'Smart Kit' in 1/35th scale....
The U.S. WWII vehicle specialist, Fomations have announced three new releases - two specifically for M4s and the third with a variety of applications.
The latest update, with more images, of this eagerly anticipated kit:
Dragon models are continuing to expand their M4 range in 1/72nd scale - this has just been announced from the company.
With its deceptively simple lines, one of the 'supposedly' simple structures to construct is the windmill. However, as someone who has 'tried' (with little success) it isn't the easiest structure to do convincingly.. Now, for those of you who would like to add one to a diorama, help is at hand with an interesting new product from Monroe Perdu Studios.
For a long time this set has been announced in the Dragon Models' catalogue. Now, the first images have been made available...
Dragon Models have just given us the first images of a new, 1/35th scale Figure set - the latest in their Generation Two range:
Amidst all the excitement at the recent Tokyo Hobby Show, a series of new releases passed almost unnoticed - the 1/35th Scale Armor/Figure releases from the Japanese manufacturer Fine Molds. Now, with the assistance of the on-line retailer (and site sponsor) HLJ (HobbyLink Japan), we are able to bring details and images of these very interesting releases.
The Korean manufacturer of resin updates/conversion sets, Legend Productions, have just announced two new releases:
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