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  • 6454-1
Dragon Models have just sent us images of their latest Stug in 1/35th scale.
  • Sd.Kfz.251/2 Ausf.D mit 28cm Rocket
Dragon are to release the Sd.Kfz.251/2 Ausf.D with 28cm Rockets and Steel Frame Crates in Braille scale.

  • Fallschirmjäger w/Kurzer 8cm Granatwerfer42
Dragon have announced a set of Gen 2 Fallschirmjäger w/Kurzer 8cm Granatwerfer42.
  • 6377-1
At the beginning of December, Pat McGrath first posted the advance news of DML's Future U.S. Infantry release. Now, the company have sent us images of this interesting new set.
  • l_DRA7361
Firstly, my thanks to whoever noticed this and posted it on the Forums. This report covers two releases, significant enough on their own, but with the news that DML are now doing figures in 1/72nd scale, the story takes on a different dimension.
  • 6390-1
Announced back in september, we can now bring images of this long-awaited figure set from Dragon Models.
  • 6469-2
Dragon Models are continuing to make the maximum use of the 38(t) chassis.
  • 6011X-1
DML have just sent us the posters for two releases in 1/35th scale.
  • DML
In a welcome addition to the Dragon range of Allied figures comes news from the Dragon USA site s of a new Generation 2 figure set.

  • 6461-1
DML have just sent us images of their new Gun Crew set in 1/35th scale.
  • l_DRA7347
Frequently (and unjustifiably) overlooked, the next month or so is going to see some very interesting releases in 1/72nd scale from Dragon
  • 6458-1
Dragon Models have just published their poster for their latest announcement.
  • DRA 6348
A new set of Gen 2 German panzergrenadiers from Dragon that nearly slipped under our radar.
  • DML M4A2
Dragon USA have just announced a US Marine's M4A2 (w) 75 complete with wire grid hatch guards and wooden plank armor.
  • 6407-2
Dragon Models have just sent us images of their latest three releases.
  • D3815 - WWII Allied Infantry Weapons Set
It seems Dragon has quietly re released D3815 - WWII Allied Infantry Weapons Set as a limited edition.
  • 6439-1
As was to be expected, Dragon Models used the Tokyo Trade Show to announce their plans for future 1/35th scale AFV kits.
  • 6410-3
The other day, while I was posting the DML update, I included a reference to an intriguing release/re-working of the German Cossack Cavalry set in 1/35th scale. Now, we're able to bring you a photo-report on the new set.
  • l_DRA6410
Once again, playing 'catch-up' with the most prolific company out there - Dragon Models, a series of new releases announced which include 1/35th and 1/72nd scale.
  • 6363-1
A few days ago, we ran the news that the next in the DML's Pz IV series in 1/35th would be the Ausf. G, now, we're able to add to the story with images of what to expect in the new kit.
  • l_DRA6390
Four new releases have been announced by DML for release in November. One will delight the the Axis AFV modelers, the other, those who model Allied and the third a very welcome release for those who work in Braille-Scale. The fourth should have some considerable appeal for many modelers.
  • 6389-1
A few weeks ago, we ran the news of a new Afrika Korps figure set from DML in 1/35th scale. Now we can finish the story with some images of the set.
  • 6303-poster-l
Just now, in California, DX'07 is taking place. As always, Dragon Models Ltd. use this as a shop window to launch new products. this year, four new releases have been announced - 2 in 1/35th scale and the remainder in 1/72nd...
  • Kettenkrad
Could this be the start of something big? Dragon Have released the poster for their 1/6 scale Kettenkrad.
  • 6303-4
One of the predominant topics on the various Armor Modeling forums covers the complex issue of Zimmerit. Now, news comes of a new initiative from Dragion Models
  • 6356-2
The Panzer 1 has long been a popular subject for modelers - particularly those who model early-war armor. Now, Dragon Models have brought out a new kit with interior detail...
  • Afrika Korps
Dragon are to release a set of 1/35 Afrika Korps infantry this coming October. The four Afrika Korps figures are dressed in typical DAK infantry uniforms and equipment.
  • SU85M
Dragon are to release the SU 85M in their 1/72 Pro Armor Range.
  • 1/72 T34
Dragon have announced the release of a new kit in 1/72 scale, the T-34/76 German Army with Pzr III cupola.
  • DML ShermanIII 1/72
In a move bound to please Braille scale Armor modelers Dragon have announced the release of (Item 7288) 1/72 Sherman Mk.III
  • montecassinopremium
Dragon Models has announced the release of German Fallschirmjager Monte Cassino 1944 as a Premium Edition Kit.
  • pzrII
Dragon have announced the release of the Panzer II ausf F. The kit comes with "Magic tracks," Photo etch and Cartograf decals, plus tools with and without moulded on brackets.

Dragon have announced a Pz.Kpfw.38(t) Ausf.G w/Interior (Item 6290) which is good news for fans of interiors and of 38Ts.

Dragon have sent us the posters for the following recently announced items
  • 6257-1
Dragon Models Limited have announced two new releases. The first (which is presented as a simple photo-report) is a new variant on an existing subject, the second is a COMPLETELY new departure...
  • 6375-2
After producing a considerable number of variants of the PzIV, Dragon Models have now announced a set of Crew figures...
  • 6406-poster-l
Dragon Models have just announced four releases at the Annual Shizuoka Hobby Show in Japan:
  • l_DRA6406
The Late Production Tiger from DML was for many people, difficult to get hold of. Now, the company have re-released it - along with some updates/improvements:
  • 7314-1
Although the sheer volume of 1/35th scale releases from DML is impressive, equally impressive is the rate of releases in 1/72nd scale - here's an update as to what to expect in the next couple of months:
  • 6372poster-l
Dragon Models have just sent us images of their latest, 1/35th Scale figure release:
  • 7285poster-s
Dragon models Limited have announced three new, 1/72nd scale Armor releases:
  • 6361A
The second variant in Dragon Models U.S. Halftrack has now been officially announced..
  • 6367-1
Once again, one of these reports which were waiting for the images...
  • 6370-1
Dragon Models have just sent us images of their latest Panther in 1/35th Scale:
  • 6357-poster-l
Announced a few months ago, Dragon Models have just sent us a series of images of this new kit in 1/35th scale:
  • 7302poster-s
As a summary of what to expect in 'Braille-scale' releases in the coming couple of months, here are some of the releases that have been announced by Dragon Models:
  • 6307-1
Another figure set from Dragon Models, which although it's been announced for a while, we were waiting for the images to post it as a News report:
  • 6360-1
Dragon Models Limited have just sent us images of their latest (and welcome) addition to the 1/35th scale Pz IV 'stable':
  • 6395-poster
Dragon Models have just sent us the latest images of two Surprise releases in 1/35th scale...
  • 3539-1
Dragon Models Ltd. have just published the first details of their forthcoming Isherman in 1/35th scale...