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Dragon are to release a M4A3 Sherman (105mm) w/Deep Wading Kit in 1/72 scale.
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Dragon Models have just announced another variant on the 38(t) chassis.
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Dragon Models have just announced a New, 1/35th scale figure set. Not, in itself surprising, however what they are doing with it is extremely interesting..
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A small story, but potentially quite useful for Modern enthusiasts.
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Dragon Models have announced a new figure set. This time the 'Theater of Operations is the Balkans..
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Just to bring you all up to date with Dragon's new releases - the Panzer IV J Mid Production and an M4 Sherman DV.
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Dragon Models have just announced a re-issue/update of their British Paras & S.A.S. Troopers in 1/35th scale
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Dragon Models Limited has followed up its earlier Mid-Production 1/35 scale kit of the Brummbär with another kit of the same vehicle this time featuring a coating of Zimmerit.
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Dragon Models has released a 1/35 scale kit of the PaK 43/3 L/71.
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Dragon’s newest 1/35 figure set depicts members of the Wiking SS division at Kovel 1944.
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Dragon USA have announced a new four figure Gebirgsjager set.

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A not entirely unexpected announcement from DML with another Sd.Kfz 7 Variant
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Dragon Models have just announced, within their 39-45 Series, a New 1/35th scale set of four figures.
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It's nice to see, that while we're in the traditional period of tennis tournaments, the major manufacturers are paying their own their own particular homage. Deuce!
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Recently, Dragon Models announced a set of Allied figures suitable for the Monte Cassino campaign. Now. the Axis side...
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Another New release has been announced by Dragon Models in 1/35th scale, within their 'Smart Kit' series of releases.
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Dragon Models have just published the images of their latest announcement
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Dragon Models have just announced their latest, 1/35th scale figure set.
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Following on from their PzIV Program, it now looks as if the PzIII is getting a similar treatment.
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Dragon Models continue with their Pz IV 'Program' with this, one of the last in the line.
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In a week that's shown a remarkable amount of movement in the News Department, here's a future release from Dragon Models that will cause a LOT of interest.
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In a move which should surprise precisely no-one, this is the latest announcement from Dragon Models
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Dragon Models have just announced (via their in-house Forum) another Sherman III-
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Here's the latest announced release from Dragon Model's in their 'Committed to the Modeler Campaign' marketing initiative.
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It's been a while, but Dragon Models have just announced a NEW Gen 2 figure set.
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Recently announced on their website, we can now (courtesy of DML) bring you images of this soon-to-be released artillery piece.
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Another of Dragon Model's occasional forays into 1/6th scale
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Via their U.S. Distributor, DragonUSA, the parent company, Dragon Models have announced their latest, 1/35th scale, M4 Variant.
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In a tiny thumbnail image on the back of Dragon Model's 2009 catalogue, there was the tantalizing indication that another Commonwealth figure set on the way. Here it is with a REAL surprise!
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Putting on my best Mayor Quimby voice, I now declare 'let this week henceforth be known as Halftrack week on Armorama'....
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It's a while now since Dragon Models announced they were doing an Sd.Kfz 7 in 1/35th scale. Now, the story has taken a very interesting twist indeed.
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Dragon Models Ltd. have just sent us Hi-Res images of their latest Sd.Kfz 250 Variant.
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Even with the extraordinary work being done in new releases, there still remains a shortage of the 'ancillary' items such as trailers. Here's a reworked release from DML which should be pretty useful.
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Another day, yet another Dragon Models release..
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Another new set from Dragon Models - this time considerably bigger than the usual...
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For those who dislike adding Zimmerit, Dragon Models have just announced their latest in their 'Zimm-Ready' range.
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Dragon Models Limited have just announced another 1/35th scale figure set.
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Dragon Models have just announced their latest 'Smart Kit'
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Something from Dragon to please both Axis and Allied Modelers- a Sherman in German service.
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A surprising though VERY welcome announcement from Dragon Models.
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Dragon have announced a 1/35 scale kit of the 75 mm M4 Sherman.

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Ask anyone who works in 1/72nd scale and one of their (justifiable) frustrations is the lack of suitable, injection-moulded figures in this scale. Here's some GOOD news...
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Dragon have announced a German Self-Propelled-Gun Crew in 1/35th scale.
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Another 1/35th scale reworking from Dragon Models in their 'Premium Edition' series
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Yet ANOTHER 1/35th scale release from Dragon Models Limited.
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Dragon Models have just published their poster for their New Panther G - with Zimmerit.
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Dragon Models have just published the first images of their latest JagdTiger.
  • l_DRA6477
Dragon Models have just announced their latest 1/35th scale figure set.
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After-market accessories have tended to be items produced by smaller, specialized companies. Now however, Dragon Models (through their Cyber-Hobby subsidiary) have joined other manufacturers in launching their own range.
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Another expansion of a story we ran the other day on DML's future releases.