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  • 001132
MK35 Editions have added a WW2 French Army Headset to their 1:35 scale range.
  • mk35
MK35 Editions have announced the release of a new civilian figure in 1/35 scale.
  • Mk35
MK35 Editions have announced a new diorama accessory in 1/35 scale; a war Memorial Monument.

  • SS Tank Crew from Mk 35
Mk35 Editions have announced the release of a 1.35 scale Waffen SS Tank Crew for the Ardennes period.
  • Mk35 A080 Norman fence
Mk35 Editions have followed their release of A070 DESTROYED NORMANDY WALL with another 1/35 Scale diorama accessory for a Normandy setting; A080 NORMAN FENCE.
  • public bench
MK35 have announced a new accessory in 1:35 scale - a Public Bench.

  • Normandy Wall
Mk35 Editions have announced this new 1:35 scale Wall in ceramic and resin.
  • Mk35
Mk 35 Editions have announced two new resin, early war, French Infantry figures in 1:35.
  • mk35
Mk 35 have announced a new 1/35 diorama accessory set of railings and gates.
  • mk35
Two new figures this month from Mk35 Editions, -one military and one civilian.
  • mk35
MK35 Editions have added a new figure to their 1:35 scale range.
  • mk35
MK35 have announced a new resin figure and a set of resin road signs in two very different scales.

  • French House Mk35
Mk35 have a new release of interest to Diorama makers

BO17 French Building

Some useful newitems from MK35 Editions:

A set of building accessories ( Doors, Windows, Shutters and rails) for those interested in making their own buildings or even just to add to the rubble in dioramas, and a stone fountain which could look well in a diorama with some dusty troops gathered around it.
The French manufacturer/retailer, MK35 Editions have a very interesting range of figures and diorama accessories. Here are some of their new releases: