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US. Olive Drab
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Posted: Sunday, February 02, 2020 - 11:58 AM UTC
Hello fellow Model builders.

I have a question about US. Olive Drab in WW2. I m in the process of building a M4A3 Sherman around the end of 1944.
Now i have 4(!) different Olive Drab's here from Mission Models:
MMP-024 US Army Olive Drab FS
MMP-020 US Army Olive Drab Faded 1 FS
MMP-021 US Army Olive Drab Faded 2
MMP-022 US Army Olive Drab Faded 3

Which one is the closest to the time period??
Hope someone can help me.

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Posted: Sunday, February 02, 2020 - 01:51 PM UTC
I had the same issue, since MMP has so many different paints labeled "Olive Drab." I asked MMP directly which one should be used for WWII OD, to which they replied with "any of them."

After a bit of research, I settled on MMP-026 for early/ mid war OD and MMP-024 for late war vehicles. Someone somewhere on a modelling thread on Facebook said that 319 was used towards the end of the war, and I decided to roll with it.