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  New York, United States

Occupation: Police Officer/Joint Fires Observer
Username: FISTer13F


About FISTer13F
Started modelling around 5-6 y/o with the old Aurora movie monsters. While listening to dad's stories of his aviation past, I Knew that aviation would play a large part in my life, so as a kid, I learned to "fly" the backyard furniture(or anything else I could sit on or in). Built "any and all" of the old Monogram kits until I Joined the Army in the early 80's and was bitten by the rotary wing bug as a Huey crew chief. Discharged and building again, mostly WWII aviation, but also dabbling in armor as well. Invested in flight training and became a commercial helo driver in the NYC area flying charters and tours until the opportunity to become a police officer came around. Now a Police SGT. Re-enlisted in the PAARNG as a 13F48L7 Joint Fires/Forward Observer. Assigned 1/109th Inf. Combined Arms Bn. 28 ID, FIST as the Battalion Targeting NCOIC, SFC, with one trip to the sandbox under my belt.. Still modelling WWII aviation and WWII/modern armor. Married with 2 dogs.

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