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Born and raised near London in 1968. Started on Airfix planes and Matchbox tanks. 1977 Military Modelling magazine article by Francois Verlinden about three Tamiya US halftracks in 1/35 was a revelation - I was hooked. Books of Shephard Paine were another huge influence. Like most people, modelling took a back seat to other distractions in my teens - in my case it was music. I was in a band, which everyone thought was extremely cool. Sadly, model making, even in the 80s, was not... Over the years I used to sneak a look at modelling magazines from time to time, but it was a 'guilty pleasure'. Then I had two sons. As soon as they were old enough I introduced them both to the magical world of model kits and they took to them with much enthusiasm - and more skill than I had ever mustered at their age. After watching them build their own models I decided that it was time for me to have another go...

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