Crusader Mk II Gun Tractor Mk I

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I received some additional information after the build was complete from Andrew Tomlinson stating that the side hatches opened inwards and not as depicted and indicated in the instructions outwards. There then followed a bit of a discussion between modellers and Alan Brown was able to provide photographic evidence that this was in fact the case. So my thanks to Andrew and Alan and the others involved in the discussion.

The hatches depicted in the photograph, had 3 small back pads on the inside of the vehicle. They also folded flat across the seats thereby allowing easy transfer of ammo box in and out of the vehicle. I replaced the kit hatches with some plastic ones, added the back pads and transferred the fittings onto the inside of the hatches from the original kit parts. Then I fixed them in place and did a bit of re-painting.

Finding out stuff after the event is always a bit frustrating and I managed to knock a bit of resin track off in the fixing process, however all seems reasonably well and, for me, it was better to make the fix than grow annoyed looking at it.

I've left the original finished pictures in, how not to do it and added a couple more of the fixed article.

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About Alan McNeilly (AlanL)

Greying slightly, but young at heart. I've been teaching adults off and on for most of my life. Left the services in 85 and first started modelling in about 87 for a few years. Then I had a long spell when I didn't build anything (too busy) and really just got started again during the summer of ...


Hi John, Ken and Bill, Thanks for dropping in folks and the comments. John, you have to move away form the dark side Cheers Al
AUG 02, 2011 - 06:01 AM
Im assuming the base is only a temorary affair then? Who makes it and also the same question regarding the figure. Theres no mention of either of them in the article. Nice build again Alan .... pulling the 17 pdr will really give this the edge. Its good to have this as an article ... Im sure when the 17pdr is readily available, more will be looking for something suitable to pull it!!
AUG 02, 2011 - 07:21 AM
Hi Frank, Yes, just a temp base. It's from SB Models one of Stewarts SB Scotia Range. I've review some of his products here. https://armorama.kitmaker.net/modules.php?op=modload&name=Reviews&file=index&req=showmaker&makerid=428 The figure is the RA Officer in Greatcoat from Resicast for the 25pdr, just added for scale, again review the fig here: https://armorama.kitmaker.net/review/6043 I have a couple fo the SB Scotia bases I just use for fast pics, always better to have something to hand rather than my blue background. Thanks for looking in, and glad you found the article useful. Cheers Al
AUG 02, 2011 - 11:33 AM
Alan, nice job, as always. Very good and informative feature. Looking forward to it with 17 pdr. Cheers! Stefan
AUG 02, 2011 - 07:24 PM
Hi Stefan, Glad you found it useful. Cheers Al
AUG 03, 2011 - 07:28 AM
Hi folks, Just for info. If you happen to be looking for a donor kit I was over on the Italeri web site this afternoon. I see they have re-released their Crusader Mk III under their 'Vintage Collection' label. Al
AUG 06, 2011 - 03:41 AM
Not too bad a price at 23 too. I might just get one to replace the old one I did years ago. I can add the Eduard fenders too.
AUG 06, 2011 - 11:53 AM
Hi Ken, I haven't built this one as a Gun Tank yet so I may well get one to add to the collection too. Al
AUG 07, 2011 - 02:03 AM
This is probably the fourth or fith time I've read this article. A lovely building job and an entertaining text. Well done, Alan! Well done, indeed! This build is certainly going into my To-Do list. (Hoping that Bronco and HB, keep up bring plstic kits of such off-the-beat-track kits). Cheers, Guido
NOV 03, 2011 - 08:27 PM
Hi Guido, Thank you for the kind comments, and I'm glad you enjoyed the build and article. You probably raised a question many are wondering, will there be a 1/35 plastic version. I haven't heard of anything yet but with the increased interest by palstic manufacturers in all things British it is possible. Still they have yet to produce any new trucks to tow this new line of artillery but I am hopeful there. The AA conversion is quite an old kit but Italeria have just re-released the Gun Tank at a reasonable price so it should be affordable and do-alble by many. Cheers Al
NOV 04, 2011 - 12:45 AM