What is it?
This was an old award during the first few years of the site. Some were given via member voting and others by the site owner.

Past Honorees
animal (Dave Willett )
ArmouredSprue (Paulo R Castro)
CaptainJack (James P. Welch)
Eagle (Danny Wennekes)
Envar (Toni Kysenius)
FAUST (Robert Blokker)
flitzer (Peter Allen)
Folgore (Nicolas Virtue)
GeneralFailure (Jan)
Graywolf (Engin Kayral )
Grumpyoldman (Dave O'Meara )
GunTruck (Jim Lewis)
Holdfast (Mal Mayfield )
jimbrae (Jim Rae)
Kencelot (Ken Fortier)
KFMagee (Keith Magee)
Major_Goose (Costas Rodopoulos)
Merlin (Rowan Baylis)
Plasticbattle (Frank Glackin)
PorkChop (Nathan Phelps)
Roadkill (Ronny Noben)
scoccia (Fabio d'Inzeo)
slodder (Scott Lodder)
SS-74 (Dave)
staff_Jim (Jim Starkweather)
Tin_Can (Bryan Dewberry)
TreadHead (Gordon Alexander Rain)
TUGA (Josť Fontes)
Vodnik (Pawel Krupowicz)
WeWillHold (Steve Keegan)