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MISSION: Open Window            


  MISSION:Open Window
  START DATE:November 1st, 2002
  ENDS:January 10th, 2003
  ADDITIONAL INFO/IMAGES:Click here to view
Award Ribbon
Upon completion of this campaign you will recieve this fine ribbon to decorate your profile page and act as a link back to this page.

1st Diorama Campaign
This campaign was our first diorama campaign that involved the theme of including a window in the final project.

Operational Overview
Single Figure in 1/35 scale - Allies or Axis, but your scene must contain ONE figure, and NO MORE than one figure... it could even be a civilian if you prefer! If your submission has more than one figure, you will still be shown in the contest photos, but you will not be eligible to win the prizes. We do not consider animals or other "non-human" items to be a figure. What we are restricting in this contest is that you must have one, no more-no less, human in your diorama.

You are NOT required to do a "sniper scene", although this was initially discussed proposed. As the limitation of a "single figure" lends itself to a sniper diorama, we expect to have several submissions under this theme. You may choose other activities if so desired... to give you ideas for subjects by example, all of the following might make excellent subject story lines:

* a soldier drinking a cup of coffee
* a civilian reading a newspaper next to his destroyed home
* a wounded prisoner petting a stray dog...

WWII - any season or locale.. military or civilian. You are not required to do a "Winter Snow" scene. Any time of year is acceptible, as long as the period would fall roughly between 1938 and 1945. This is done to encourage newcomers to try their hand, and "snow" is an advanced technique. If we force snow, then we would lose a lot of potential entrants. We can do contest just for advanced modelers later on, if this prototype contest proves successful.

Your final scene MUST involve "a window". For example - if you want to put a sniper in a window, fine... if you just want to have a backdrop of a building that has a window, that works to... but somehow you must work a window into your scene. It could even be something as simple as a window frame laying on the ground, blown out of a nearby building, A door is not acceptible to substitute for a window. As judges, we will be looking first and foremost to see if we can locate your window. If we don't see one, then you don't have one!

All element of your submission must be permanantly mounted on a base no larger than 4x 6 inches. If you wish to use a round base, the diameter must be no greater than 6 inches. No portion of the dio can extend beyond that base. There is no restriction on height.

Total cost of whole scene must be less than $30US and you must document or estimate your costs in your submission. If there is a "tie" in the mind's of judges, then the tie-breaker will be overall costs. The CHEAPER entry would win. We will accept your estimates of cost, because you may be using a piece you've had for years - but don't stretch things too far... don't try to put the SOL Wehrmacht Marching Band (24 resin figures with an MSRP of $190) in your dio, and say you got it for six dollars!

The Rules and Regs
One entry per person - if more than one entry is submitted, then the first entry will be considered the official entry for that person.

The judges would be Jim, Ken, and I (the moderators of the Diorama forum). As judges, we can't enter to win, although we can enter the contest as "exempts".

Start date is whenever you are ready to begin... the last date you may submit photos for your entry is Friday, January 10th, with judging due by January 31st.

Entrants must supply 5 photos to any judge electronically by January 10th. If you would like to compete in this contest, or want further details just email me, or post a message in the DIORAMA forum .

When you email your entries, please place the subject line using the following format:

"Contest Submission - Title of Work".

For example, if I was doing a diorama called "smoking a cigar", i would email the photos with the following subject line

"Contest submission- Smoking a Cigar".

Send no more than 5 Photos of your completed work direcly to my email address [email protected] and I'll archive everything, and arrange for a folder to be created to show all finished works when the contest is complete.

Contest Element
Keith Magee will be awarding a first place prize valued at $100 to the winning contestant. No postage is due- it's all paid for. I will need your complete physical mailing address ... sorry, no po boxes allowed, as the product will ship via UPS.

All participants who submit photos will receive a new Campaign Ribbon next to their online avatar, commemorating your participation in the Winter Contest. These ribbons ("The Winter Sprue 2002") will all look the same, except for those coming in First, Second, or Third - these will be colored differently than the general participants ribbons.


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