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OPERATION: Kitmaker Staff Challenge 2009            


  OPERATION:Kitmaker Staff Challenge 2009
  START DATE:February 1st, 2009
  ENDS:July 31st, 2009
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The Kitmaker Network Staff Challenge 2009
This ribbon signifies that this member, a serving Kitmaker Staff member at the time, successfully completed the Kitmaker Network Staff Challenge 2009.

Operational Overview
With over 35,000 registered members, the KitMaker Network is one of the largest communities of scale modeling enthusiasts on the Internet.

The Rules and Regs

5 - 14 Jan: Shoot the breeze discussing kits you plan to build, trade etc and general humorous banter here about the campaign.
15 - 31 Jan: Each staff member publicly announces selection of kits in a thread we'll start in Kitmaker General Modelling. The public are invited to select one (1) kit per staff member they'd like to see built during the GB timeframe.
1 Feb - 31 July: (that's July '09 ) We build! We blog! We take mounds of flak!

Any staff member joining the GB late, and you are welcome, should follow a similar timeframe for kit selection by the public (i.e. 2 weeks), but the closing date of 31 July 2009 remains fixed.

Scale Range

All scales - from 1:10000000etc to 1:1

The General Idea

The idea is that each serving staff member of the Kitmaker Network build a kit that is not within the genre of the site they serve during the timeframe given.

This is as much a team building exercise as it is a chance for the members of other Kitmaker sites to get to know us.

Kit/Subject Selection

The Kitmaker Network consists of 8 main sites, namely Kitmaker, Aersoscale, Armorama, AutoModeler, Historicus Forma, ModelGeek, Model Shipwrights and the 1:6th scale modeller site (I embarrasingly don't know the site's name ), which collectively cover approximately 16 modelling genres not including general modelling, scratchbuilding and such. As such, there is a very broad selection for all participants to select from.

The selection process is as follows:

1) Each participant will select a minimum of 3 kits, each covering a different modelling genre. In the spirit of the GB participants are encouraged to select as many genres as possible.
2) The participant need not have these kits in their stash at the time of posting, as these are merely proposed builds. These kits can be acquired later by purchase, trade or donation from fellow participants. Please do not purchase kits for the sole purpose of this build until you are certain it will be built - see 3 below for final kit selection
3) The participant will then post the selection of kits for public scrutiny and voting.
4) The kit with the most votes will be built by the participant during the build period.

A further note on kit selection

To clarify, the idea of this build is to build a kit that does not fall within the modelling genre of the site you represent.

A few examples to illustrate:

An Armorama staff member will not build an Armour model
An Aeroscale staff member will not build an Aircraft model
A Historicus Forma staff member will not build a Figure model

Get the idea?

In terms of Kitmaker specific staff (in other words if you have the words 'KITMAKER NETWORK' under your title ) as well as staff of hosted sites, i.e. Kitmaker Benelux, IMPS UK Kitmaker Branch, Warwheels, Turkorama, SCAHMS, etc, your subject selection should be something other than where you normally post, or a forum you host. Again an example (please forgive the specific examples):

I host figure forums, so I cannot select a figure model.
Pat normally posts on Armorama, so won't select an Armour model.
Jim L normally posts on Armorama and hosts Sci-Fi and space forums, so won't select models from those genres.

Jim S is the one exception, if he participates (that's us throwing down the gauntlet, Jim ). Firstly, he's the boss, and it's good to be the boss And secondly I think we'd all just like to see him actually build something!

The Build

1) Participants are encouraged to maintain a Blog on the site the subject's genre fits within, e.g. Anime / Manga / Gundam on MG, Armour on Armorama, etc.
2) Kit's may be built OOB, or AM products may be added on, as long as the original kit is recognisable.
3) Final presentation: final builds may be presented as vignettes or dioramas.

Who can take part?

Anyone who is a Kitmaker staff member during the period of the Challenge. I'd also like to encourage ALL staff members to take part, as it really does serve to remind the members that we are all first and foremost modellers. Remember this also presents the opportunity to provide content to site.


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