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MISSION: Demolition Derby 2010            


  MISSION:Demolition Derby 2010
  SCALE:1:87 To 1:16
  START DATE:August 1st, 2010
  ENDS:March 1st, 2011
Award Ribbon
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Demolition Derby Award
This person has been awarded this medal for completing the Demolition Derby Group Build at AutoModeler.

Operational Overview
The Automodeler Demolition Derby 2010 is a group build dedicated to building cars that you would normally find in a demolition derby. This is a great chance to clean out your stash of cars and pull out that old station wagon, Gremlin, lead sled, etc. that would normally end up on your shelf for another 20 years. The rules listed below are simple, straight forward, and encompass almost any car that you would use in a real life demolition derby.

The Rules and Regs
The rules are simple:
1- The battery must be relocated and mounted to the floor.
2- The shifter may be relocated on the floor.
3- Exhaust stacks may be installed.
4- Car must be completely gutted with the exception of the driverís seat and all glass must be removed with the exception of the windshield. Windshield may be replaced with chain link fence.
5- Seat belts are required.
6- The driverís door must be painted a bright contrasting color (different than the car) and must be padded.
7- Maximum bumper height will be 24 inches, (in scale)....no jacked up suspensions.
8- All cars must have roll bars or roll cage installed.
9- Any car (foreign or domestic) is eligible including 4-6-8 cylinder.
10 Most important HAVE FUN!!! There are no inspectors or judges here. If you want a pink car, build a pink car. If you want to build a modern Corvette or Mustang, go for it. As long as you're having fun building it, then this group build has done it's job.


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