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 General Shipmaking
MISSION: Operation Dynamo! Dunkirk 1940             

  MISSION:Operation Dynamo! Dunkirk 1940
  START DATE:May 26th, 2010
  ENDS:December 20th, 2010
  ADDITIONAL INFO/IMAGES:Click here to view
Award Ribbon
Upon completion of this campaign you will recieve this fine ribbon to decorate your profile page and act as a link back to this page.

Official Campaign Ribbon
This award signifies this builder has completed the Operation Dynamo! Dunkirk 1940 Campaign with full honors.

Operational Overview
Operational overview –

Any ship involved in the operation is good – any diorama including beaches and multiple ships.

Any ship(s) that took place before or after the operation.

Any queries, please ask!

The Rules and Regs
The Rules and Regs
1) As listed above – ship/ships involved/ beach scenes….
2) Dioramas and subjects not described as per 1) may qualify, such entries will be subject to approval, but you may be sure to receive generous leeway.
3) Any scale, era, nationality is allowed. If technically and /or historically viable and holding up to 1) and 2), “What if”- builds and design study builds will be allowed.
4) Enter one photo of the box content, building material or diorama sketch, showing where you started and that the subject will conform to 1) or 2). Multiple builds are allowed as long as you post a photo of each build before you started them.
5) At least 1 completed photo must be posted in the campaign gallery for your ribbon.
6) Only 1 ribbon will be awarded no matter how many builds you do.
7) WIP's are highly encouraged
8) Behave in a gentlemanly manner towards your crew mates at all times.
9) Have Fun

Contest Element
Only 1 ribbon will be awarded no matter how many builds you do!

And as an extra special Campaign addition, our mate Harry Abbott from BattleFleet Models, to help celebrate the 70th anniversary of Dunkirk, is providing a $50.00 Gift Certificate from BattleFleet Models for the participant voted best Ship, Diorama, etc., of the Campaign! AND, a special "bonus prize" will be awarded for honorable mention to a lucky modeler!

And, you can use the gift certificate for any items on his site!

And next, from the gent's at Finewaterline, prizes for the second voted model, both of their Finewaterline sets 1 and 2, hospital ships and coasters, and also the Hunt class sloop of which many were involved.

Campaign Debriefing
At the close of the campaign, a poll will be created to vote on the finished models in the Official Campaign Gallery, upon which will decide the winners of these great prizes!


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