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MISSION: Canuck Steel!            

  MISSION:Canuck Steel!
  SCALE:1:72 To 1:16
  START DATE:January 15th, 2005
  ENDS:July 1st, 2005
Award Ribbon
Upon completion of this campaign you will recieve this fine ribbon to decorate your profile page and act as a link back to this page.

Op Canuck Steel
This award signifies this person has completed Op Canuck Steel.

Operational Overview
Operation: CANUCK STEEL covers AFVs and softskins in Canadian Army Service from WWII to the present. 'What ifs' are not included. Vehicles on loan to the Canadian Army are also not included (I.e. UN owned vehicles).

The Rules and Regs
Operation: CANUCK STEEL is open to all Armorama members. Contestants should register no later than 31 January. This is for new projects only. Kits started before 01 Jan 05 do not qualify.
Projects should be submitted by 01 July 2005. Extensions will be considered in extenuating circumstances i.e operational deployments.
All completed projects will be awarded the Canadian Forces Decoration (CD) ribbon.
The top 3 submissions will receive the CD medal.

Contest Element
Projects sumitted for Operation: CANUCK STEEL will be spcifically Canadian in Content. This will require both accuracy in the build itself, to include unique Canadian modifications to the vehicle, either field or build mods and accurate Canadian paint schemes and markings. Open top vehicles will not have an advantage over closed top vehicles. Focus is on the vehicle itself so bases will not count. A scoring sheet will be promulgated once the Operation is approved.