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 General Modeling
MISSION: Twilight 2000 (T2K: 2004)            


  MISSION:Twilight 2000 (T2K: 2004)
  START DATE:January 1st, 2004
  ENDS:February 20th, 2005
Award Ribbon
Upon completion of this campaign you will recieve this fine ribbon to decorate your profile page and act as a link back to this page.

T2K: 2004 Ribbon
This Ribbon is awarded to Twilight 2000 Campaign participants completing their entries during calendar year 2004.

Operational Overview
Twilight:2000 is a post-apocalypse RPG (role playing game) set in the aftermath of a conventional war in Europe that concludes with a limited nuclear exchange - in the game to level the playing field between nations - ensuring neither side would not have the military or industrial capability to gain advantage over any other nation after the war. Hostilities began in the late-1980's, erupting into World War III in the early-1990's. Through desparate escalation of hostilities, US and Soviet forces drew each other into a limited nuclear exchange in Europe in effort to gain industrial and military edge over the other. Nuclear strikes devastated large portions of the US and Soviet Union as well when hostilities abated. Game play action takes place in the year 2000 in the aftermath of these exchanges. Characters are left to fend for themselves in the near-total collaspe of economic, industrial, and military systems in a game of survival.

Originally produced by GDW and now owned by Tantalus, Inc., Twilight:2000 was selected Game of the Year in 1985. When GDW went out of business in the early 1990's, Tantalus, Inc purchased all material and rights to the game system. Even though Tantalus has not made any plans to add new source material to the game system, it has allowed rights to users on the Internet to broaden the scope of the original game. It still lives on today on the Internet.

The Rules and Regs
Twilight:2000 is supported by extensive, but easy to use, documentation and features a wonderful collection of modern equipment - ideal for modeling. The best advantage for using Twilight: 2000 as a Campaign focus is that it has real-world sources that can be used as background material. Twilight:2000 vehicles and weaponry are also covered nicely on the Internet - so there is no need to go out and try to purchase the source material yourself. Twilight:2000 is a modern armor modeler's arena. Additionally, Twilight:2000's background sets the history for the RPG 2300AD (aka Traveller:2300) for you Spacecraft modeling fans out there. Perhaps a future Spacecraft Campaign.

Categories/Classes: Armor, Armor, Armor! Anything and everything in the arsenals of the world's military powers from 1980 forward - plus - anything likely on the drawing board or in prototype stage also got pulled out of the barns and thrust into World War III. Some cutting-edge military equipment saw large roles in the war, and early ASAT (Anti-Satellite) weapons and battlefield lasers were used as well. This Campaign is only limited by the modeler's imagination, the vehicles fielded from 1980 (and in some cases existing in museums and pulled out to fight in desparate battles) on, and the requirement to create something "believable" that fits into the game system's concept.

Contest Element
Campaign Ribbon for T2K: 2004 will be bestowed to participants completing their entries during calendar year 2004.


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