Joe Bakanovic of TMD has decided to close down his company in it's present stae and will relaunch a different company making high end products some time in the future.
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Tiger Model Designs have a new after market set for the Tamiya Matilda.
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Tiger Model Designs have released a resin conversion kit to build the T6 Sherman prototype.
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Courtesy of Saul Garcia come a major photo update of TMD's Bergepanther conversion.
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Courtesy of Saul Garcia, here with some photos is news of Tiger Model Designs Bergepanther in development.
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The U.S. AM company, Tiger Model Designs, tends to announce series' of 'connected' releases concentrating on one or two vehicles at a time or continuing a previous line. These new releases follow this trend.
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With the release of AFV Club's M5a1 (Early) in 1/35th scale, there are several variants which can now be explored. Here are the latest M5a1 Update/Conversion sets from Tiger Model Designs.
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Some new products from the company - a conversion set to backdate the new AFV Club M5a1 and a very eye-catching conversion for the Bronco Staghound. Read on...
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Tiger Model Designs have announced several new releases in 1/35th scale. The most impressive is undoubtedly their complete (resin) kit for the M8 Heavy Motar Carriage.
Tiger Model Designs, has, in the last month or two, been releasing a series of 'teasers' about their plans for future releases. Now some of these releases have been announced and they are truly impressive...
There are a number of the 'After-market' companies who never fail to bring out interesting products. Amongst this very select list, are Tiger Model Designs who with these new releases have announced some interesting developments....
Tiger model Designs produce an extensive and well-considered range of update/conversion sets, in resin, for 1/35th vehicles. In the last few months, their attention has switched (principally) to allied vehicles, particularly the Stuart and Sherman and these new releases follow the 'trend'...
Tiger Model Designs is one of those companies which provide an invaluable service for the modeller. They have a considerable number of varied product lines available covering vehicles from a number of periods and nationalities.
In one of those oversights, I failed (up to now) to give an update on the interesting new releases from Tiger Model Designs...
Tiger Model Designs is a company known principally for it's resin accessory setsfor the German armor modeller. However, with these news releases, they are now producing several sets for the Allied Armor modeller - particularly for the Sherman....

Once again, I have to thank P.M.M.S for pointing me in an interesting direction....
Now for the big news around here: we have purchased Tank Workshop! This is NOT a hostile take over of this well known company. I have used many TWS products in the past, and have always thought it was a sound line at a fair price. Certain situations that do not need to be discussed here presented us with an opportunity to acquire this well known resin line. Larry Provo is selling to us on good terms, and will remain in business as a consultant to TMD, and master pattern maker for the TWS line. Larry will be working closely with us to keep the TWS line alive, and we hope to breath new life into his fine kits.