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In from Alpine Miniatures, two new motorcycle troopers. They also have some new German Heads sets.
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These figures have already been covered on Armorama, but I think they deserve the frontpage of HF as well... These are Alipne Miniatures releases for May 2012:
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New figures in from Alpine, two great looking crewmen to tank control of that tank.
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Alpine Miniatures has sent Armorama news of some new figures they are releasing in 1/35th scale. Take a look inside for details.
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Alpine Miniatures released four new kits:
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Taesung Harmms from Alpine Miniatures announced new figures for Jan, 2012:
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Alpine Miniatures announces the release of a pair of 1/35 figures available individually or together as a two man crew. The releases are for SS Panzer crew members "Kursk #1" and "Kursk #2".
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Alpine Miniatures continue to release figures that really shine when it comes to a canvas for your painting skills. This time around Teasung Harmms has brought us two 1/35th resin figures which are available as individual figures or as a pair. Lastly we have a 1/16th scale figure which we do not usually cover here but we felt this one would be of interest. Take a look inside to see what is available now.
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Teasung Harmms introduced a new batch of Alpine Miniatures figures.
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Taesung Harmms has announced the release of two new Russian scout figures by Alpine Miniatures.
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After a delay, Alpine Miniatures is proud to announce
its new figures for August, 2011.
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Hello Gents,
I'm proud to announce Alpine's new release for June 2011.
And they are:
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Taesung Harmms from Alpine Miniatures sent us an update on new figures for April. These Russian AFV crew members should be welcomed additions to all the new great Russian armor that has been released over the past few months.

Thank you Taesung for the update.
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Hello gents,

After a minor delay, I finally get to announce Alpine's new figures for February, 2011.
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Taesung Harrms informed us about new releases from Alpine Miniatures, just in time for the Christmas season:
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Taesung Harrms from Alpine Miniatures announced his releases for October 2010.
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Alpine is proud to announce new figures for August, 2010.
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Taesung Harmm of Alpine Miniatures has sent us images of their releases for June 2009 including a special edition set of their Battle of Kharkov set.
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Alpine Miniatures are proud to announce its new releases for April 2009.

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Alpine Miniatures bring us the full story on their new releases and the figure competiton they are running to mark their fifth anniversary.
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Sometime ago Taesung Harmms asked for help on Armorama to research Commonwealth Tanker uniforms in the North African Campaign. Well here at last are the fruits of that research.
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Alpine Miniatures is proud to announce our new releases for October 2008.
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(Republished from Historicus Forma)

Alpine Miniatures have just announced their New releases for June.
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Alpine Miniatures are proud to announce their new releases for March, 2008.
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Here are the first of Alpine Miniatures releases for 2008
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Alpine Miniatures have announced two new, 1/35th scale figures
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Hello Gents
I'd like to announce Alpine's new figures for October 2007:
Alpine Miniatures have just made available images of two new figures which will be available later this month.
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Alpine Miniatures has two new 1/35 scale figures coming out this month. They are both WWII US tankers in the ETO.
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Taesung is pleased to announce Alpine Miniatures' new release in June 2007.
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Alpine Miniatures are pleased to announce their new releases!
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Alpine Miniatures is proud to present new 1/35th scale figures for 2007!
It's always a bit of a red-letter day when Alpine Miniatures announce their latest releases. With these new releases this is certainly no exception...
The U.S. figure comapany, Alpine Miniatures, has just announced two, new, 1/35th scale figures.