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Adalbertus released new figures in 1/35 scale depicting Polish soldiers from 1939.
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Adalbertus has released a couple of new 1/35th scale figures with a positive inclusion in the packaging.
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Adalbertus sent us information about their recent 1/35 scale releases:
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Adalbertus sent us information about their new figurine:
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Adalbertus announced two new kits in neglected subject of Polish-Bolshevik War:
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Adalbertus released two new sets that will make your diorama more interesting:
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Adalbertus released their first decals set:
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Upcoming kits from Adalbertus are so much needed civilians. This time figures are based on photos taken by Julien Bryan, an American reporter in besieged Warsaw in September 1939.
Figures of a boy and a girl are available as one kit or as saparate one-figure kits.
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Two new resin kits have been announced by Adalbertus, both in 1:35 scale:
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Adalbertus Miniatures (who act as Distributors & Retailers for a large range of product lines) have just sent us details of their latest releases.
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Adalbertus have just sent us details of a New release from them and another from their partner company, ToRo Model
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Adalbertus have sent us details of the company's latest releases.
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Adalbertus have just sent us details of their latest 1/35th scale figures. Two very different periods are represented - the first, the German Invasion of Poland in 1939m the second, the Polish Army in Afghanistan.
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This year, at the Nuremberg Trade Fair, I had (as usual!) an extensive talk with the owner of Adalbertus, Wojtek Bulhak. One of the most interesting subjects he talked about was this - the first in a range of 1/35th scale figures covering ALL the combatants in the Cassino Campaign.
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Adalbertus Miniatures have just sent us notification of their latest releases.
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Adalbertus Miniatures have just announced some useful and unusual 1/35th Scale releases.
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The Polish manufacturer, Adalbertus Miniatures were once again at Nuremberg - showing their New releases and talking about their future plans.
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Adalbertus Miniatures have just announced two new sets of AFV Crews. Also announced (in 1/48th scale) is an interesting little diorama piece.
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(Reprinted from Historicus Forma)

ToRo Model of Poland (distibuted and sold by Adalbertus) have recently announced the latest release in their "Berlin 1945" range: a Polish Studebaker Driver.
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Once again, Adalbertus were present at this year's Nuremberg Trade Show. The company are the exporters for (amongst many other items) a range of very unique figures - ToRo Model (Poland).
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Adalbertus of Poland not only act as agents for various other manufacturers, they also, as can be seen from the 120mm release, produce their own range.
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Adalbertus Miniatures are beginning to feature more regularly in the News Section as they are acting as distributors for a number of items which are hard to find outside Poland. Now, comes news that the company are handling the excellent Armor Photo Gallery series from Progress Model Centrum.
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The Polish manufacturer and distibutor, Adalbertus Miniatures, have just sent us details of a whole batch of new releases. In addition, we're covering some of the recent releases which may well have 'slipped through the cracks' after the summer vacations.
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Adalbertus will release in mid August 2007 the first bust in their 250mm range.
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The Polish manufacturer, Adalbertus has just released an extraordinarily useful new product in 1/35th scale...
Although I spent a good deal of time at the Nuremberg Trade Fair talking to manufacturers and distributors, one of the most pleasant experiences I had was talking with the team of the Polish company Adalbertus - this is a company which does a LOT of material for many different areas of the hobby...
A new company to the News Pages of Armorama - Adalbertus Miiniatures who are a Polish company producing figures and diorama accessories in a variety of scales....