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  • skp
Skp have finally announced the release of their Challenger A30.
  • T34cable
SKP Model continue to expand their range of tow cables with cables for the T34 and T54.
  • BarrelBESA1
Skp have announced the release of a 1:35 Scale Brass Barrel for the British BESA Machine Gun.

  • skp
Skp have announced the release of a 1/35 resin figure of a French soldier.
  • TowCablePanzer1
SKP Model continue with a series of useful releases for a variety of 1/35th scale vehicles.
  • SKP
New from Skp is a set of brass British Mk 2 Helmets.
  • Skp
Skp have released two new tow cables one for the Pzr IV and one for Shermans and Pershings etc,.
  • nberg_08_001
SKP Model had some of their products on PlusModel's stand at the Nuremberg Trade Fair.
  • Skp
Skp have announced the release of a 1 : 35 Scale British Tank Crewman in resin.
  • Challenger
Skp have had the following announcement on their website for a while now: Great secret surprise ! ! coming soon !INJECTED MOULD KIT OF BRITISH AFV FROM WW II !

Well the kit has now been confirmed as a Challenger A30.

  • TBSerg-35-1
SKP Model of the Czech Republic are having a busy few weeks with a whole string of new releases. Here's their latest.
  • SKP018_ES001
SKP Model of the Czech Republic are a relatively new manufacurer who are combining injection-mouldled kits with a useful range of update sets. This is their latest.
  • challenger book
Skp have announced a new book on the subject of the Challenger MK.VIII (A30).
  • skp
Skp are to produce a limited number of 1:35 scale US helmets in brass.
  • Skp
Skp have just announced an interior set for their Humber Scout Car.
  • skp
Skp have announced an engine set for their Humber Scout Car kit.
  • Skp humber book
Skp Model have just announced a new reference book on the Humber Scout Car.
The interesting Czech model company Skp have been advertising that they were going to produce a:

“quite new unique product, which nobody is producing untill now. It will be extremly precise accessory made by quite new technology.”
This is an update for Skp models who are offering a Free bonus figure with their Humber Scout car kit.

Skp 011 Injected Mould Kit - Humber Mk.I Scout Car 18.99 EUR

You can see Jim Rae’s review of the kit http://www.armorama.com/modules.php?op=modload&name=Reviews&file=index&req=showcontent&id=2457"> here

Ask any modeller of WWII Allied subjects for a list of five subjects they'd like to see kitted-out in plastic and it's a reasonable certainty that one of them would be the Humber Mark 1 Scout Car Now, from the Czech Republic, the first of this year's Humbers in 1/35th...