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Magach 6b—IDF reactive armor array (for Revell M60A3)

by: Sabot [ SABOT ]

My sample came to me well packed in a small but sturdy cardboard box cushioned with a couple of packing peanuts. Unfortunately, I removed the peanuts and the parts were allowed to shift around in the box, breaking some finer pieces.

The major part of the kit consists of an entirely new hollow cast upper turret. This is nicely done with reactive tiles molded onto the surface of the kit. Also included is a thermal wrapped gun tube. These parts are nicely molded and superior to the old Esci Blazer armor tiles and even better than the new Verlinden tiles for the Dragon M2A2 Bradley.

Since the Revell kit comes with smooth steel road wheels, the conversion kit has included earlier style “finned” aluminum road wheels. In addition to this, the conversion includes the IDF style single pin tracks similar to those used on the Merkava. The tracks come in link and length resin. The single links look like they may be a little tricky to remove from the pour stub. Because of the new track, Goffy Model also includes a new drive sprocket.

A lot of the parts in this set are various pieces of crew stowage and IDF fittings. Items like the dual M2HB machine gun that mount over the main gun, commander and loader’s 7.62mm machine guns, spare road wheel, folded litter, 5 gallon water cans and crew gear are included. If everything is used, this will definitely give your M60 the loaded down look.

While the kit includes instructions and a small oblique photo on the box top, it is not a whole lot of help in placing many of the smaller pieces. You will definitely need some additional photo references to make sure everything goes where it is supposed to.

Overall this is a highly recommended set for IDF Braille scale modelers with a moderate amount of resin experience. Hopefully it will be readily available to modelers in the US.

Our thanks to Goffy Model for providing the review sample.

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The IDF Magach 6b is a further development of the Magach 6a which itself is based on the US M60A1. In 1/72 scale, the main choice for the Magach 6a was the old Esci/Ertl M60 Blazer kit. Goffy Model from the Czech Republic produces an update set to convert the Revell M60A3 kit into an IDF Magach 6b.
Percentage Rating
  Scale: 1:72
  Mfg. ID: 7241
  Related Link: Goffy Model photos of the product
  PUBLISHED: Jul 19, 2005
  NATIONALITY: United States

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