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In-Box Review
German Head Set #64

by: Rob Lively [ HUSKY1943 ]

This plastic bag contains six (6) different resin heads with German helmets molded on. All of the helmets have a helmet cover. Each face is different, featuring a straight face with no yelling or open-mouthed poses


Warriors does a good job on these heads. There are no mold seams to clean up and the lines are crisp and beautifully sculpted. As mentioned, all of the faces are different. There are no bubbles or anomalies to worry about or fill in. There are helmet covers with subtle lines/creases and the seams are well-represented.

There are drawbacks, however. The prominent pour stubs on the tops of each head will make cleanup a little tricky. You have to pay close attention, or a slip could cause damage. The helmet covers do limit the use of these heads. If my research holds up, helmet covers came into widespread use for the Wermacht in 1943. This would limit their use in earlier figures or dios. You could use them in Waffen SS figures anytime in the war, as early as the Greek Campaign and into the Balkans Campaign.

Also, these covers feature vertical tabs. There were covers which had horizontal tabs or no tabs at all. This could be an easy fix by carving them off or adding the vertical tabs if you are a stickler for accuracy.

Last word

Overall, the heads are excellent with superb facial features. I would highly recommend this set.
Thanks to VLS for providing the review sample.
A nice set of heads that will require careful clean up and due to the camo cover may be better suited for late-war uses on Whermacht figures.
Percentage Rating
  Scale: 1:35
  Mfg. ID: WA35573
  Suggested Retail: $9.98
  Related Link: VLS Website
  PUBLISHED: Jul 17, 2005
  NATIONALITY: United States

About Rob Lively (husky1943)

My name is Rob and I am a 42 year old, married, with two children. I am retired US Navy and now a Base Police Officer at NAS Pensacola, Florida. My main interest is WWII figures, but I do occassionally branch out into other periods. My concentration in WWII is the Sicilian/Italy campaign.

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