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In-Box Review
PT 76b

by: Avi Weingarten [ SHIRYON ]

The PT 76 was a post world war 2 amphibious tank . The kit depicts a later variant with 90mm cannonwith co-axial MG. The vehicle propelled itself through the water via two water jets in the rear of the vehiclewith intakes at the bottom of the hull. The vehicle saw wide use in all Soviet puppet states and those it supported abroad . Vehicles found their way into allied arsenals during conflicts in places like the Mid East Viet Nam. Israel captured and used some of these vehicles as well as the btr-50 and ot62 Topas which were based on PT 76 chassis.


The Eastern Express PT 76b kit contains 348 parts to build a late model Pt 76. The kit conains seven trees of parts. Three molded in various shades of grey which contain the primary parts for the hull. And four molded in white which contain the individual tracklinks as well as some exterior parts for the hull. There is some flash and a few sink hole on the engine deck, otherwise the kit is nicely molded and should go together well.


There are unfortunately no options available with this kit. Although from the way its designed I would guess they will eventualy issue a Btr 50 or OT 62. the turret and interior are completely clear, opening the way for a resin interior for both fighting and engine compartments. The decals seem to include numbers for six vehicles as well as the common white flags an wreath symbols. There is however little information givien for decal placement.


The kit should be a fairly easy one to throw together right out of the box. The hardest part of the kit will be the individual traclinks .The kit is a bit pricey for what it gives you. But it does fill a missing place in the 1/35 Russian Armour world. For the the scratch builders out there the possibilities abound. While I can't say its a must have, I will say you won't be sorry you bought it.

Percentage Rating
  Scale: 1:35
  Mfg. ID: 35171
  Suggested Retail: $30.00
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  PUBLISHED: Nov 07, 2002
  NATIONALITY: United States

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