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SS Panzergrenadier 1944-45
SS Panzergrenadier-Ardennes 1944-45
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by: Frederick Boucher [ JPTRR ]

SS Panzergrenadier-Ardennes 1944-45 is part of MK35 Editions' 1/43 series of resin military figures focusing on the 1944-45 Ardennes campaign. It is crisply cast and features a base.

MK35 WWII military figures are 1/43, compatible with model railroad O scale in Britain and continental Europe. In 1/48 O scale this figure, posed bearing a burden, is 6-foot 3-inches tall from boot bottom to eye level (40 mm). Such tall soldiers served in WWII, thus this figure can be used with 1/48 models so long as the modeler is happy with the ratio of the helmet and other equipment.

MK35 currently lists 24 Allied and German figures in the scale, mainly in their Ardennes series, including two figures of French Soldier of 2ème DB, Alsace-Lorraine. They even make a set of three 1/43 Goumiers: M43-022 The Goumiers.

The figure
Cast in a pastel lime resin, the model is sealed in a zip-lock baggie with a paper 'box art' label, and a painting guide. The figure is cast in three pieces: MP40-cradeling arm, head, body, and a base. All pieces share the same pour block. The figure and clothing are cast sharp and clear.

This SS-Panzergrenadier is sculpted posed cradling his submachine gun, directing by pointing. He is clothed in jackboots, trousers, waist-length camouflage smock, 1944 tunic, scarf or balaclava, and M35 stahlhelm helmet. The helmet even features rivet detail. The collar does not feature patches for the SS insignia nor rank.

Loading him down is the "Y"-strap, MP40 pouches, 'second-type' entrenching tool with 84/98 bayonet, Brotbeutel 'bread bag', M31 Feldflasche Canteen, and two rolled items I decided are Zeltbahn shelter quarters. A "potato masher" Model 24 Stielhandgranate stick grenade is lodged in his right boot.

Facial detail is impressive with cheeks, nose, lips, eyes.

Clothing and equipment is well detailed. Most is very sharply cast. The belt buckle is subtle and void of detail. 'D' rings, buttons and buckles, frogs, straps and other belt detail are clearly reproduced. "D"-rings on the straps, and even the brown leather reinforcing segments between the shoulder straps and "O"-ring between the shoulders are clear. While the equipment and details are well done, it seems a little over-scale.

Perhaps the hands and some equipment is oversized, yet the model has a good proportion to it.

Paint and assembly instruction
MK35 presents no assembly directions because attaching the parts is a no-brainer. Humbrol paint is the sole hobby brand referenced. MK35 presents a special painting idea by including the mixing of special effects using Winsor & Newton oils.

As this is a small figure wielding an MP40, I wanted the easiest collar rank possible and made my figure an SS-Unterscharführer. Even though the series is based on the Ardennes 1944-45, I decided to paint the brown and green camouflage smock because I like it. I used a different pattern for one of the Zeltbahn.

The parts are easily removed from the pour block with practically no burrs to clean off. They fit clean and snug. However, the MP40 magazine broke off and had to be repaired.

This figure is one of several models in a series of Waffen-SS, Ardennes Winter 1944-45. He is nicely cast with a convincing pose. Equipment is well detailed.

It looks properly proportioned although some equipment and the pointing hand seeming to be overscale.

SS Panzergrenadier-Ardennes 1944-45 paints up into a fine quarterscale model suitable for any late war cold season campaign. I enjoyed painting this model and having it in my collection. Thus, I recommend it.

We thank MK35 Editions for sending this model for review here on Armorama. Please remember, when contacting retailers or manufacturers, to mention that you saw their products highlighted here - on Armorama.
Highs: Separate head, sharp casting and detail.
Lows: Some overscale components. Not a mainstream scale outside of continental Europe.
Verdict: This model paints up into a fine quarterscale model suitable for any late war cold season campaign.
  Scale: 1:43
  Mfg. ID: 43-009
  Suggested Retail: 6,50 €, $8.90
  PUBLISHED: May 22, 2014

Our Thanks to MK35 Editions!
This item was provided by them for the purpose of having it reviewed on this KitMaker Network site. If you would like your kit, book, or product reviewed, please contact us.

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