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Built Review
U-Boat Crew Set #1

by: John Pradarelli [ JOHN17 ]

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Historicus Forma

Many have jumped on the submarine bandwagon when Revell of Germany released a beautiful 1/72 VIIC U-boat, and rightfully so. With its evident popularity, the aftermarket manufacturers began releasing products to enhance this vessel. Warriors was no exception. They answered the call with no less than three appropriate figure sets. This review covers set #1, the conning tower crew.

Packaging and Contents
This four figure set comes packaged in a plastic zip-lock style bag. The bag is enclosed in a plastic clamshell style packaging. The box cover features a color picture of the assembled and painted figures.

Sculpting and Casting Quality
These four diminutive figures are sculpted by the talented Bill Chilstrom. The casting is up to par with Warriors usual offerings. The resin is light in color, and soft enough to easily shape or modify. Molding seams are present on the backs of the arms, legs and as well as the tops of the boots. These are easily removed with a sharp blade and sanding sticks. Each torso/legs piece is on its own casting block. The head and arms for each also come on their own block which helps keep clear the proper grouping of limbs. All heads are attached to the block at the neck. A big plus in my book as it avoids the need for careful shaping as when they are attached by the top of the hat or head.

The Figures
Included are two officers and two crewmen. I will discuss each individually.

One Officer is depicted wearing rubberized foul weather overtrousers and black sea-boots, as well as a reefer jacket and standard, peaked service cap with a white summer cover. In his right hand he is holding naval-issue binoculars. His left hand and left leg are posed to be resting on a railing. I did notice that the left shoulder doesn’t look anatomically correct. It seems to stick out too far. I tried adjusting the position but could not find one that looked pleasing. Although I haven’t done it on my copy, it could easily be thinned down with a few passes of an x-acto blade.

The second officer wears a denim battledress shirt, gray leather trousers, black sea-boots, and also has the white covered, peaked service cap. He is standing straight legged, with a pair of binoculars raised to his eyes.

The first crewman is shown wearing black boots, what appears to be battledress pants (could also possibly be gray leathers) tucked into black sea-boots, and the short leather jacket attributed to the Maschinenpersonal (Engine room personnel). It is painted in light grey on the package art, but could also be appropriately colored in black. On his head he wears the issued, albeit casual looking, Pudelmütze (knit cap). He too holds a pair of binoculars in the hand of his bent, right arm. His left arm is down at his side, while his right leg is bent up to rest his foot on a step, railing, or box.

Finally, the second crewman is wearing deck personnel clothing which is made up of a grey leather three-quarters length jacket which is styled after the reefer jacket. Grey leather pants, black sea-boots, and a bordmütze. He is positioned to be resting both arms on a railing.

There is one caveat I must mention although it may be obvious to those who frequently work with 1/72 scale resin figures. Parts are very fragile! I broke two arms when cutting them from the resin block. Because of the small scale it only seems natural that thinner areas like the wrist would break easily. In hindsight I should have taken a more careful approach and made sure to use a brand new blade and make multiple gentle strokes to remove the pieces. A lesson well learned.

All pieces fit together very well without any major problems. Some minor gaps will need to be where the arms attach to the torso.

All figures were first primed gray with Plasticote Auto primer, and then painted using Vallejo acrylics.

These quality figures will look great standing in the tower of my very own U-boat…whenever I get it finished that is. ;)

I would like to extend my thanks to VLS for this review sample.
If you are one of the many who fell in love with and purchased Revell of Germany’s 1/72 VIIC U-boat, then you’ll want to round out your finished model with some nice figures as well.
Percentage Rating
  Scale: 1:72
  Mfg. ID: WA72006
  Suggested Retail: $15.98
  Related Link: Purchase at Model Mecca (VLS)
  PUBLISHED: Aug 07, 2005

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