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Accident: Soviet & German
Accident: Soviet & German military men, summer 1941
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by: Todd Michalak [ TRM5150 ]


Accidents do happen…this time the theme is an accident! Adding to the ever growing selections of figure kit sets, Master Box has recently released their Accident: Soviet & German military men, summer 1941 figure set. From looking at the beautifully rendered box art, this kit will build up five figures into a small accident scene. (Please note, there is no motorcycle included with this set) There are two unfortunate German soldiers that have recently been in an accident with three Russian soldiers bearing down on them for the capture.


The kit is supplied in the standard Master Box end opening box with the figure instructions clearly and colorfully printed on the back of the box; complete with painting guide. There is one grey colored sprue tree containing the five figures.


There is one German officer and his driver in this kit. These have full heads for the separate positioning of one hat and one helmet. There is an option of arms for one of the figures for positioning and for holding either a pistol or a standard issue MP40. There is no extra gear supplied. The two figures are cleanly molded and have a fair amount of detailing and both uniforms are indicative of early 1941/42 around the time of the invasion of Russia.

The Russian office is depicted walking with his pistol drawn. The two Russian soldiers are depicted walking forward with their riffles at the ready. Each of these soldiers come supplied with a full complement of field gear. All three Russian figures are molded very clean and with the added gear dress up to be finely detailed.


As figures, these Master Box figures go together like a charm. The parts are easy to remove form the sprue and with very little clean up all the appendices fit nicely together. The three Russian figures are very well detailed and are striking decent poses as they creep up on they prey. There were only some light seam lines on the legs and arms to deal with. There is two extra heads included in this set to give the option of the soldiers wearing the helmets or having them stowed on their packs as I have done here.

The two German soldiers are posed very nicely. The option of having the soldiers with or without weapons and gear is a great touch. This gives plenty of options when depicting the scene. These two figures went together just as well as the previous three; perfect joints and very little clean-up involved.


Master Box has consistently hit the mark with their figure sets and this one is true to form; high quality molding at a great price. The three Russian soldiers would make a fine vignette all on their own as well as the accident prone German soldiers could fit into any accident or capture themed scene. Although the set does not come with the motorcycle shown on the box front or even any other type of vehicle, this set can actually be placed into just about any situation together or individually that you can think up.
Highly recommended!

Highs: Cleanly molded figures, great fit surrounded by an excellent theme.
Lows: Aside from the set not actually having the motorcycle seen on the box, I have no complaints about this set at this time.
Verdict: A great little figure set, excellent molds and a great price , plenty of alternate uses other than the scene intended.
Percentage Rating
  Scale: 1:35
  Mfg. ID: MB3590
  Suggested Retail: $15.00 US
  PUBLISHED: Aug 27, 2014

Our Thanks to Dragon USA!
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About Todd Michalak (TRM5150)

I am building what I like, when I like and how I like it; having fun doing it. I have been building and finishing models on and off my whole life but the past ten years things really exploded. Just about anything goes when it comes to hitting the bench, but wrecked armor, rusted hulks, ships or ...

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Todd, thanks for review. What ruin you used here?
AUG 27, 2014 - 09:59 AM
Nice review! I figured it was done by someone from MA before I even saw you were the reviewer- the Farina Enterprises ruins gave it away hahaha
AUG 27, 2014 - 10:33 AM
Thanks for stopping by Roman!! Seems Conor get's the cookie on the base piece. Joe Farina. He has a really great selection of large and small add-on pieces. Hiya Conor! Thanks! Joe's stuff is great to play around with! I meant to get this one actually done last month but ran out of time!! LOL!! I am guessing I might see you out at ArmorCon?
AUG 27, 2014 - 01:39 PM
This is one of many big hits from MB! I think this stuff is great after my admiration to MB's another set entitled "Who's That?" Very cool, thanks for the review mate!
AUG 27, 2014 - 01:55 PM
Thanks Ricky!! I know that set too!! On my list for later!! MB does a very consistent job of things. Only thing I seen from them that comes out a bit quirky is the 1/32 scale Napoleonic stuff...all works out in the end though!
AUG 27, 2014 - 02:04 PM

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