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D9R Bulldozer Crew
D9R Bulldozer Crew (USMC, Iraq 2004)
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by: Brian O'Donoghue [ BRIAN638 ]


Valkyrie Miniatures are a relatively new company from Korea. They have been releasing a number of simple vehicle crews for mainly modern military vehicles. They have more modern releases planned and in this review we look at one of their more interesting releases.


This release arrives in a stout cardboard box with bubble wrap preventing the contents from being damaged during transit. Each of the figures is contained in a small ziploc plastic bag.

This set comprises of three figures for the Meng Models D9R Bulldozer. The figures depict the driver, vehicle commander and a soldier helping to guide the vehicle.
The driver comprises of four parts a seated body, separate arms and a head wearing a soft brimmed hat. This is a simple figure and is simply sat in the driver's seat operating this large machine. He has a hollow moulded at the base of his back and this will allow the modeller to add him to the model without making any adjustments to the seat back.
The commander is made up of standing body, separate right arm and a helmeted head. The figure has been sculpted as to be standing in the door of the bulldozer. His right hand is gripping one of the external handles and this is moulded in situ. He is wearing body armour and it appears to be undone.
Guiding Soldier
This figure comprises of 9 components and is the most complex figure. This figure has a USMC issue M16A4 and is supplied wearing body armour complete with pouches. This figure is wearing gloves and has a sling for the rifle and two small straps for the rear pouches. He is designed to be shown guiding the bulldozer crew.

All the figures are depicted wearing Desert Combat Uniforms which were finally replaced in 2004 with Marine Corps Combat Uniform (MCCU)> All the figures are depicted wearing the earlier pattern PASGT (Personnel Armour System for Ground Troops) helmet and body armour. The moulding of the uniforms and body armour is first rate and the body armour has the typical MOLLE loops moulded in place.


Overall a very well thought out and welcome release. It provides an alternative USMC crew for the Meng Models release and I am sure some would hope that they release an IDF crew. This set will enable the modeller to add a bit of life and sense of scale to this very large machine.
Highs: A highly detailed crew for the Meng Models D9R. Well sculpted and a number of fine details.
Lows: Only one weapon supplied is about the only disadvantage.
Verdict: A highly recommended release from this new company. A well thought out vehicle crew.
  Scale: 1:35
  Mfg. ID: VM3503
  PUBLISHED: Nov 26, 2014
  NATIONALITY: United States

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