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M2A2 Bradley OIF Stowage Set

by: Sabot [ SABOT ]

Unlike the other set, this stowage set does not include any photo etched items. There are 37 light cream colored pieces molded onto 23 resin pour stubs. A few of the resin pieces are identical to pieces included in set LF7203. These are the two fitted pieces that go inside the turret bustle rack and three of the Combat Identification Panels (CIPs).

The pieces are crisply molded and some of the best 1/72 scale resin detail items I have come across. The majority of the stowage items are not fitted to any particular kit and could be used on any modern US armored vehicle.

These generic pieces include four different looking rucksack configurations (3 of each type), three duffle bags, three tiny canteens, a camouflage net pole bag, three 20mm ammo cans, and five other miscellaneous stowage items.

Items specific to the Bradley are a fully stowed side storage bin complete with CIP, several ammo cans covered by the rubber guard found at the front side of the hull. Also included are a pair of road wheels, a roll of concertina wire and a group of items designed to be placed on the side of the hull.

The final item is a replacement TOW loader hatch that goes on the rear of the upper hull. This piece replaces the plain M2A2 hatch with one that has the add on armor plates that were part of the ODS (Operation Desert Storm) modifications done during the 1990s. The replacement piece would not be used if you were building the Revell kit into the M3A2 variant.

At $10 delivered, I got a great deal on a detail set that can be used to load up just about any modern US armor kit I have in my collection. Overall a great set for not a lot of money. My set did not include any instructions but the box top photo is helpful in placing most of the detail pieces.

The set is not specified for use on any particular kit, but was most likely designed to be used with the Revell M2A2 Bradley. I have not checked the set against the Dragon Bradley but it should work fine. This set is highly recommended for modern armor fans who like to dabble in the smaller scales.

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I was fortunate enough to get this set from a fellow Armorama member. He had purchased it thinking it was for a 1/35 scale kit and offered it up for sale on the site when it turned out to be 1/72 scale. At the time I thought I was purchasing a second set of the Legend Productions M2 Bradley Accessory Set (LF7203), but instead received an item I hadnít previously run across.
Percentage Rating
  Scale: 1:72
  Mfg. ID: LF7205
  Suggested Retail: $10.00
  PUBLISHED: Sep 14, 2005
  NATIONALITY: United States

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