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In-Box Review
MILAN 2 ATGW with crew

by: Martin More [ INOPIA ]


The launcher consists of 15 parts cast in grey resin, cleanly cast with only part 6, the missile tube mounting rail, showing any problems with flash and loss of definition. This is a flimsy part and could be replaced by metal rod or the styrene version from Italeri's Modern Light Weapons set (No 421). The MIRA IR sight is just lovely and the spare missile tubes are well detailed and there is an extensive decal sheet. Assembly should be very straight forward with minimal clean up required

The crew

The crew is comprised of a prone gunner operating the MILAN and kneeling loader/spotter with binoculars and rifle. They are both nicely detailed and cleanly cast, with the heads, 3 hands and 1 foot supplied separately to aid proper fitting. Both figures are wearing Mk6 helmets with covers, one with goggles. Two L85A1 rifles are supplied.

The figures are depicted in "Gulf War 1" era kit with no body armour and only respirator pouches worn, no other webbing is supplied. To adapt them to model contemporary UK troops would require work to the boots and combat suits. While thatís not too difficult to achieve, updated armour and webbing would have been nice.

The rifles are OK and thereís a good level detail on the SUSAT sights but the body of the weapons are let down by the magazine housings and muzzles. These are really the only items needing a bit of care in cleaning up.

The instructions are straight forward consisting of text and two black and white photos of the assembled launcher with the parts numbered. Six colour photos assist Painting and decal application but no specific colour references are given.


Overall this a nice set, the launcher is available as a separate kit and if you are into modeling the modern British Army this is a must have. While the crew would benefit from some extra work to detail and/ or update them, this is another welcome addition to the growing range of modern UK subjects.
A new release from Accurate-Armour combining the MILAN 2 ATGW (kit AO90) with a 2 man crew. I first saw a test casting of the MILAN 2 kit AO90 at MAFVA Duxford and it looked a little gem, on picking up this kit FS10, the MILAN kit plus a 2 man crew in modern(ish) UK combat suits at Euromilitaire I wasn't disappointed.
  MILAN 2 ATGW:90%
Percentage Rating
  Scale: 1:35
  Mfg. ID: FS10
  Suggested Retail: £26
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  PUBLISHED: Sep 18, 2005
  NATIONALITY: United Kingdom

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