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ATF Dingo 1 (Allschutz-Transportfahrzeug)

by: Sabot [ SABOT ]

The kit consists of three green sprues and one clear sprue for the windshield and passenger windows. The truck frame is done in one piece with separate front and rear axles. This should make keeping all four wheels in contact with the ground easier. The large truck tires come in inner and outer halves. The tread pattern is rather soft and generic. This looks like an area that would benefit from an aftermarket manufacturer.

There are interior details. It includes steering wheel, dashboard, gear shift and five seats. There is no detail on the inside of the vehicle walls and doors. The kit does not have the option to assemble the doors open. I do not have any references on this vehicle and it is not detailed in my Concord German Wheeled Fighting Vehicles book so I cannot comment on the accuracy of the interior. The floor piece on my kit had two sink marks (part 16-see top sprue photo) on the interior surface. One was forward of the dashboard and will be unseen. The other sink mark was within the rear cargo area grid. If the rear canvas cover is used, the sink mark will also be unseen.

The truck body assembly is straight forward. There is a floor, right and left body side, interior bulkhead, rear body panel, tailgate, roof, hood, right and left front fenders, and a one-piece grill.

As far as options go, there is a rear canvas cargo cover that can be left on for the station wagon look or left off for a sedan look. The roof hatch can mount three different weapons. One looks like a 7.62mm MG 3A1 light machine gun. The second weapon option is a Mk-19 40mm grenade launcher and the third weapon is an M2 .50 caliber heavy machine gun. The ammo drums on the Mk-19 have sink marks on the front and back of both drums. The weapons are not quite up to the standards as Dragon 1/72 scale weapons included with the Dragon M1025 or M1114 HMMWVs. Fortunately, those kits come with plenty of extra armament.

There are three sets of Bundeswehr markings for the Dingo. The NATO 3-color camouflaged version includes ISAF markings for Camp Warehouse in Afghanistan, 2005. The next two versions use an overall bronze green color. One set of markings is for a KFOR vehicle used in 2001. The second bronze green scheme includes markings for Task Force Fox (TFF) during Operation Essential Harvest in Macedonia, 2003.

In conclusion, this is an interesting model of an esoteric modern German vehicle. Before running across this kit, the only military Dingo I was aware of was a small British armored car. It will be interesting to see a size comparison with the completed Dingo parked next to a US HMMWV. All in all, this kit is recommended for the Braille scale modeler who is a modern armor fan.
The ATF Dingo 1 (Allschutz-Transportfahrzeug or All-Protected Vehicle) is a strange Bundeswehr armored car based on the Daimler-Chrysler Unimog. It looks like an SUV on steroids and seats five personnel and their gear. The rooftop weapons station can be remotely fired from inside or manned by a soldier in the hatch. A V-shaped underbody is designed to deflect mine explosions.
Percentage Rating
  Scale: 1:72
  Mfg. ID: 03142
  Suggested Retail: $12.50
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  PUBLISHED: Sep 24, 2005

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