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Canadian Vehicles in Korea
Canadian Vehicles in Korea
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by: Kevin Brant [ SGTRAM ]


As part of the Korean Conflict from 1950-53 Canada provided troops in support of the United Nations and the South Koreans. Canada assembled and sent the 25th Canadian Infantry Brigade Group to Korea with units starting to arrive in December 1950. To support the troops, the Canadians required vehicles and tanks and the latest book from Service Publications covers the vehicles used in theatre by the Canadian troops.


Canadian Vehicles in Korea
Author: Don Dingwall
Published: Service Publications
Pages: 210
ISBN: 978-1-927822-03-06


Continuing with Canadian topics, Service Publications has published another book covering Canadian equipment, this time used in Korea. Canadian Vehicles in Korea covers the multiple trucks, tanks, armored cars, and other vehicles used to support the Canadian efforts during the Korean War. The book contains many images of the vehicles in black and white with great captions explaining the vehicle and the usage. This books also contains extended text on the deployment of the Canadians, vehicle acquisition, and includes a very informative explanation on the disposition of the Achilles and acquisition of the Sherman. Also included are detailed graphics and tables that include the distribution of the vehicles, as well as the AOS signs that would have been used by the different units.

The text reads very well, does a great job of providing information. This includes the caption for the many great and informative images. The author does a great job in identifying the vehicle, designation, unit, and location for the vast number of vehicles. The images themselves are all very clear and provide great views of the vehicles in theatre. Within the images you are going to find images of M4A3E8 Shermanís, CCKW 353ís, M-8 Greyhounds, M3A1 Halftracks, Universal Carriers, Jeeps, and much more.

Some of the information that is included in the book that I found very interesting was the move of the Canadians moving away from using British logistics as done in World War 2 to relying more on the Americans for providing equipment and supplies. The mentioned graphics and tables are also a great reference, and for me, will be referenced often.


This new book, Canadian Vehicles in Korea, from Service Publications is a very well written and put together book. The books contains great images, informative text, and will prove to be a great reference for Canadian vehicles used in Korea. This is a must read for Canadian armor fans, and I highly recommend this book.
Highs: Well written text, great images, very informative.
Lows: N/A
Verdict: A great reference for Canadian vehicles used in Korea, highly recommended.
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  Mfg. ID: ISBN 978-1-927822-03-06
  PUBLISHED: Sep 14, 2015

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