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Magach 7 and 7 Gimel
Magach 7 – DF Patton M60 – Magach 7 and 7 Gimel In IDF Service – Part 1
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by: Todd Michalak [ TRM5150 ]


For a few years now, Desert Eagle Publishing has consistently presented the modelling community and enthusiasts of IDF (Israeli Defense Forces) related subjects an entire series of highly detailed walk-around books dedicated to armor used by the IDF. Most recently Michael Mass (Author) and Adam O’Brien (Editor), of Desert Eagle Publishing, released their fourteenth edition in their acclaimed IDF Armor Series of books titled Magach 7 – DF Patton M60 – Magach 7 and 7 Gimel In IDF Service – Part 1.

IDF Armor Series No. 14
By Michael Mass and Adam O’Brien
Published by Desert Eagle Publishing
Printed by HodRahav Printing Israel
Copyright © 2015 Michael Mass
ISBN 978-965-7700-00-6

There have been many variations of Magach (Battering Ram, in Hebrew) Tanks used within the IDF Corps over the years. The Magach, as it was nicknamed, was based on the US build M48 and M60 tank platform. First introduced to the IDF Corps in 1965 with the M48A2C Patton Tank, these tanks were thrust into the battlefield almost immediately upon the outset of the 6 Day War in 1967. The M60 would make its way into the ranks just prior to the Yom Kipur War.

After the war, the Magach 7 would emerge still using the M60 platform, but with a complete restoration to the turret would come about. Added armor protection through the use of applique sections and side shirts would greatly improve the survivability of these tanks. However, with added armor comes added weight; in turn, designs for the Magach 7B and finally the 7C ( 7Gimel) would be brought to the table. The 7B would fall off the table in favor of the improved 7C. More design changes to the turret armor would be made as well as introducing a new engine bumping the horsepower from the struggling 750 HP to 900 HP. These new 7 Gimel’s would be pressed into service in 1989 and continue to serve the IDF needs up into the 2000’s.

Magach 7 and 7 Gimel In IDF Service – Part 1

As the title suggests, this latest book is focused on the M60 Patton based Magach 7 and 7 Gimel variants. As seen with previously released books in the IDF Armor Series, this is a soft cover book printed on high quality, glossy paper in the A4 format. This new book contains eighty-three pages to this book and is broken down into nine sections including the Introduction.


• Introduction – The Magach Family
• In Combat
• In Action
• Man and Machine
• In Detail
• Nochri
• Refueling
• Interior
• Tactical Signs

Desert Eagle Publishing follows closely to their traditional layout of previously released books whereas most of the sections, or chapters, are titled the same in all their books to focus on key factors of each subject that the book is based on. These sections contain full color photographs; all of nearly 200 pictures are supported by text.

The Introduction to the book, The Magach Family, shows the summary of each of the Magach M48 and M60 tanks throughout their service with the IDF. Each variant is covered briefly and is complimented with many color photographs showing these variants in the Magach history. Toward the end of the Introduction, there is a more in depth look at the development of the Magach 7C (7 Gimel).

The In Combat section shows us a four page color layout some amazing photographs of the 7 Gimel working hard in the field. Each of these pictures is supported with text explaining the location where the tank was deployed as recent as 2002 during Operation Defensive Shield.

The In Combat section is followed closely by a fourteen page spread called In Action. In this section, the 7 Gimel is shown in all its glory in the training grounds from the Northern Negrav Desert and Golan Heights. Essentially, this is a walk around look at the tank on the run. This section is packed with color photos of the tank in full motion in several conditions and supported with descriptions of key points of interest in the pictures.

Tying the human element to the mechanical, Man and Machine is an eight page section showing soldiers who call the Magach 7 Gimel home. Again, as with the entire book, there a many detailed color photos. Each of the pictures gives the reader a 'behind the scenes' view of the close day to day interaction between Man and Machine.

The bulk of the Magach 7 – DF Patton M60 – Magach 7 and 7 Gimel book resides in the In Detail section. This is a highly detailed and exhaustive walk around view of the Magach 7 Gimel. Every inch to the exterior of this tank is shown in the beautifully presented color photos. After a full 360 degree view of the exterior profile, we get up close and personal to the entire tank starting with the turret. This in depth look shows us the ins and out to the asymmetric design to the 7 Gimel. Text supporting the pictures point out much of the thought that went into the design to the applique turret armor.

The details keep coming with focuses on the storage basket, cupola and hatches to 7.62 MAG Machine gun and smoke grenade launcher. The examination continues with a section taking a look at the 105mm M7 main gun and close look at the surface details to the upper hull of the tank. Not stopping there, incredibly detailed pictures of the entire lower hull including frontal and rear observations, the side skirts, into some of the compartments. This chapter finishes things off with a peek at the road wheels, sprockets and tracks to this beast.

Attachments to any tank is a must! In the Nochri section we are given a highly detailed walk around look at the Nochri Mine Roller System. The author shows close views of the attachment points, wheels, counter balancing system as well as the connectors to the system; leaving no stone unturned.

There is a brief section called Refueling. We get a rare look at the equipment and processes involved in refueling these tanks in the field. Moving forward, the Interior chapter of the book shows us a view of the Magach from the inside. The cramped, overly busy look to the inside of the tank is covered beautifully in full color pictures and text helping to give us some insight to what we are looking at. The culmination of the book enlightens the reader with a look at the tactical marking used within the IDF Corps in the Tactical Signs section.


Desert Eagle Publishing hits the bullseye yet again with their latest book in the IDF Armor Series with Magach 7 – DF Patton M60 – Magach 7 and 7 Gimel In IDF Service – Part 1. Michael Mass and Adam O'Brien exquisitely capture the Magach 7 and 7 Gimel tanks in all their glory, presenting them altogether here in one book that is sure to please not only the scale modeler but IDF enthusiasts as well. I feel you will be hard-pressed to find a more comprehensive book looking into and around the Magach 7 Gimel tank out there. Front to back, the high resolution pages contained throughout this book, make this an exciting pictorial walk around experience of the Magach 7 Gimel workhorse of the IDF armor corps; a true modelling must-have!
Highly Recommended!

Highs: An incredible walk around photographic reference for the Magach 7 and 7 Gimel tanks.
Lows: None.
Verdict: This an amazing walk around view looking into and at the Magach 7 Gimel tank. Just about every facet of the tank is presented in beautifully rendered, high resolution pictures throughout this book.
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  Mfg. ID: No. 14
  Suggested Retail: $45.00 US
  PUBLISHED: Dec 14, 2015

Our Thanks to Desert Eagle Publishing!
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Gday gents, this,in my humble opinion is yet another superb book in a superb series! Well worth the money. Cheers, Andy
DEC 14, 2015 - 05:49 PM
Awesome book, I keep it under my pillow..... almost.
DEC 14, 2015 - 09:47 PM

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