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Book Review
T-34/76 & T-34/85 Photo CD

by: Vinnie Branigan [ TEACHER ]


The Toadmansí photo Cdís are fast becoming indispensable for anybody who likes to go that bit further with their kits and make them just a bit more than what the kit supplies. I know I always check his site to see if he has a disc available when Iím contemplating which kit to build next.

Thatís why this CD is so welcome....Iíve long wanted to see what I could do with one of those huge Trumpeter T-34 kits, and now is my chance! Yes there are plenty of references out there for the T-34, but nowhere have I seen such an extensive walk around of both the T-34 Ė76 and T-34-85, inside and out.

disc contents

This CD contains 419 high quality images of both tanks, taken at the Military Vehicle Technology Foundation(MVTF), Portola Valley, California. They're good enough to zoom in on... if necessary. Nearly all images are really close up, the kind aimed at modellerís, that show off those details the way we like. You can get an idea of the extent of what this disc covers by looking at the screenshots at the right. The third screenshot only shows a third of the list for the T-34/76 turret! The CD autostarts on a PC running Windows, and for Mac users a simple double click on the icon indicated will start the browser based window which will take you through the contents. One thing I really like about these discs is that each picture is captioned, so you know exactly what you are looking at and where it is on....or in...the vehicle. Invaluable!

There is also a list of references on the disc, should you wish to learn more of the history of the vehicles. Although it should be noted that Chris Hughes states on the disc that they are produced with the modeller in mind, and that beyond a short opening statement, they are not intended to be a history of the vehicles.


Another brilliant disc from Chris, even if you donít have a T-34 in your stash, get one of these discs! You never know what you might get for Christmas!

Toadman's Tank Pictures can be obtained directly from the 'Toadman's Website

I'd like to thank Chris 'Toadman' Hughes for supplying the review sample...

Highly Recommended

Chris Hughes AKA ĎThe Toadmanísí list of quality Photo CDís keeps growing, and this time is invaluable for anybody building one of those big Trumpeter kits!
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  Suggested Retail: $7.99
  PUBLISHED: Dec 02, 2005

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