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House with Drain
House with Drain Base
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by: Darren Baker [ CMOT ]


Black Dog has sent Armorama a sample of their resin bases, these small diorama bases cover a multitude of global locations, periods and even offers futuristic settings. This offering from Black Dog features a portion of a single level structure with a window and wall. It is listed as being over a drain, but this could be seen as a water culvert as well.


The diorama base offered here by Black Dog is quite a bulky offering that leans backwards, I do not know if that is by design or due to the mould not having sat level as it cured. The moulding quality is the usual excellent offering that Black Dog supplies. I have examined the parts and I am unable to locate any air bubbles or voids that should not be there. While looking at the model it is worth mentioning the packaging utilised by Black Dog, they supply the product in a Ziploc plastic bag which is inside a reasonably sturdy card box, they also stuff the voids in the box with foam peanuts.

This offering from Black Dog consists of four pieces. The base itself it quite chunky with some very nice random detail present, the drain or culvert is very deep and says a lot about the ability of Black Dog and their moulding ability. The bed of the drain is littered with rubble in the form of bricks and unidentifiable flotsam and jetsam; this when painted and if a small amount of water is replicated should look very appealing. The collapsed cobble surface that has collapsed into the culvert is very nicely done and even gets me wanting to reach for the paint.

The random stone bricks of the building frontage are another nice visual feature of this offering from Black Dog. The apex of the roof looks a little untidy, but I believe that may be due to some mould damage; however this being made of resin does make it fairly easy to clean it up. The window frame has a little flash that will need sorting, but that is to be expected with resin. Clean up of this part is easy when it comes to the pour plug as it has been placed on the mating surface, so cut and sand and the job is done. The two pieces of fencing are pleasing as there is wood detail on both faces. Again the clean up of these pieces has been made easy by Black Dog.


I really like this offering from Black Dog as it should make for an enjoyable painting and weathering piece, my only concern is that it could make the figure displayed secondary to it. I am a little disappointed that the base is not level, and it is not possible to sand it flat as I think you would end up damaging the floor of the drain. That aside this is a very nice display base for a figure vignette.
Highs: The ease of clean up on this offering and appealing features rate very highly with me.
Lows: The fact that the base does not sit level is disappointing.
Verdict: This is a really attractive base for displaying a figure and is good enough to be displayed without a figure.
  Scale: 1:35
  Mfg. ID: D35071
  PUBLISHED: Apr 25, 2016

Our Thanks to Black Dog!
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This is a vignette base that has a lot of appeal to me. The concept is unique and affords a good display base for several figures.
APR 25, 2016 - 08:26 AM

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