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In-Box Review
Wittmann Crew
Wittmannís Ace Tank Crew
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by: Darren Baker [ CMOT ]


Dragon Models recently released what I believe to be their second offering of Michael Wittmann and his crew. This particular release is kind of a showcase offering of Michael Wittmann and his crew. While this is a staged figure set offering I will say at this point that I have been unable to find a photograph depicting Wittmann and his crew as offered, but there are similar type poses.


This figure set offering from Dragon Models is packaged in the usual end opening card carton. Inside there is a single grey plastic sprue packaged inside a sealed plastic bag.


This five figure offering from Dragon Models is presented as a brothers in arms promotional shot. I am not against offerings of this kind, but it does limit their usability to the modeller. I am also a little surprised that the artwork on the front of the box does not match the contents, that is not a usual thing for Dragon Models from memory.

The figures are presented to us in the usual breakdown of separate arms and legs, the torso, head and head wear are also separate parts. The moulding quality is typically very good, yes there are seam lines present in some places, but these are very faint and should be simple to deal with. It has to be remembered that seam lines are difficult to avoid due to the moulding process and so unless prolific and thick should not be hard to deal with.

The uniform detail is very good from what I can judge. The badges are replicated correctly I believe, but these would be so much easier to deal with if supplied as decals rather than moulded detail. The crease and seam detail on the uniforms is well replicated, which despite the monotone colour of the uniform should stand out if well painted.

The facial detail of this offering is an odd one, being based on five specific people throws the issue of scale likeness into the mix. In fairness Dragon Models it does look as if they have tried to replicate the faces, but the limitations of the materials and process has made the result questionable to my mind; I feel that as Dragon Models want to depict specific people they should have gone down the resin head route with this offering.

All of the figures are depicted stood upright, Michael Wittmann is stood in the centre with his arms around the shoulders of the two crew members stood directly next to him. Looking at the group from the front; the two figures on the left have their arms around the waist or shoulder of the figure to either side. The figures on the right have their arms by their sides. The hands of the figures are all gloved and this has been quite well replicated in this offering.

Assembly of these figures should be straight forward, but I do like that the heads and hats are separate mouldings; this makes the painting of the faces easier than it may otherwise have been. One of the complaints often made about Dragon Models figures is that kit and equipment does not sit naturally, well good news on that front as there is not any to attach.


This is an interesting figure release from Dragon Models that will I believe be attractive to those who specifically follow the deeds and exploits of Michael Wittmann, but the posed nature of these figures really needs a cameraman to make it work. I am further confused as to why the artwork does not match the contents. I believe that is rare for Dragon Models. If you want a staged tank crew or partial tank crew this may be just what you are after.
Highs: This is a cleanly moulded set of five figures in staged poses.
Lows: This figure set has limited uses as is and the addition of some extra arms would have provided the set with more scope. I would have liked to see decals provided for the insignia.
Verdict: The set is well produced and despite the limited poses will likely prove popular due the to person concerned.
  Scale: 1:35
  Mfg. ID: 6831
  PUBLISHED: May 23, 2016

Our Thanks to Dragon USA!
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Dragon doesn't include their mini-fret of PE award badges and decorations any more? Now that's really cheap!!
MAY 22, 2016 - 07:06 PM
it should have include camera man
MAY 24, 2016 - 11:25 AM
Yes,I agree!! I would suggest a follow on set that includes a camera guy,and also a fig of Peiper and Fritz Witt as they were the ones that gave out the awards at this occasion plus some other members of their staffs? J
MAY 24, 2016 - 06:29 PM
Didn't Dragon have a Kriegsberichter fellow with movie camera in one of their many Tiger I kits? They could have included him as a "bonus" fig...oh yeah, Dragon doesn't do bonus!
MAY 24, 2016 - 08:12 PM

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