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G917 Accessories
German Army Truck G917 T Accessories set
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by: Darren Baker [ CMOT ]


Black Dog as a company has built up quite a reputation for vehicle stowage both specific and generic. In this review Darren Baker gets to look over three mouldings from Black Dog, these items are specifically designed for use with the ICM offering of the G917 truck.


This offering from Black Dog is packaged in one of their larger end opening cartons. Inside is a single Ziploc plastic bag containing the three resin mouldings that go into making this product offering. The bag is surrounded by foam peanuts to prevent movement and damage.


This product from Black Dog consists of one very large resin moulding that covered the stowage for the G917 truck bed and two much smaller moulding which are stowage for the front mudguards. The resin mouldings for the mudguards are simple rolled canvas, but with careful painting they should add some eye catching interest to the model as a whole. The two pieces do have casting blocks attached, but removal will be a breeze.

Now moving onto the large truck bed moulding; I have to say I am really impressed with Black Dog where this moulding is concerned; the large size and various recesses of the mixed cargo load should have attracted a lot of air bubbles which I do not see. This piece will require an awful lot of sanding on its bottom face to get a good fit on the models deck, that said it is not the preparation of the part that is going to test you, it will be the painting and weathering of the piece that is the test of a modellers ability here.

The load itself is made up of barrels, boxes, tarpaulins, food and general equipment, this mix of products if well painted will add a lot of interest to the finished model. The food stuffs in the form of carrots, potatoes, lettuces and leeks are particularly well done. Black Dog for me also does a pretty good job of making tarpaulins look realistic, the thickness and tie detail just really gets my attention.


Black Dog do a good job of this product type and this release is no different. The detail is excellent and the fit also appears to be good. The biggest issue with a product such as this is the preparation and in this case the painting, a steady hand and a good eye should present you with a finish you can be proud of.
Highs: This offers a very nice mix of stowage items that should keep the eye interested in the model.
Lows: Sanding down of the base of the truck bed resin load will likely take you some time.
Verdict: If you want a load for your G917, this offering from Black Dog has appeal, but I would not call it a quick fix.
  Scale: 1:35
  Mfg. ID: T35167
  PUBLISHED: May 31, 2016

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