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In-Box Review
Ferrari FXX K
Ferrari FXX K
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by: Calvin [ CLUNBB9 ]

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Upon opening the freshly sealed 1/24 scale Tamiya FXX K, you are quickly greeted by the bright body pieces that Tamiya has wonderfully casted in red. This is may or may not be a good thing depending on what color the modeler decides to paint the car. However in my case, the red plastic acts as a nice base for the primer as the main body color of the car will remain red. This sprue is crisp, clean and there are no mold lines or flash at all.

The next sprue in line would be the clear parts, all of which seem to be clean, crisp and lacking of any imperfections in the clarity of the transparent pieces. After that, we have the gray colored sprue with the engine, brakes and some of the suspension. This sprue is also free of any flash and has amazing detail. The rotors and calipers are exceptionally detailed. One thing to point out is that this sprue is most likely shared with the La Ferrari street car kit which is the reason for the factory seats. For the FXX K, these will be discarded as racing buckets are included in another sprue.

Next up is the metallic sprue with the wheels. Unlike most other kits, Tamiya did a very nice job of painting these wheels silver without making them look cheesy or chrome. The wheels are double staggered, with wider and bigger wheels for the rear of the car while the smaller, narrower wheels are for the front. The tires are race car slicks and they donít seem to be disproportionate with a nice sidewall that replicate the real car very well.

The next sprue will be the interior door cards, bucket seats, wheel wells and the lower rear diffuser. These are all molded in black plastic and would make a easier color to paint before applying the optional Carbon Fiber detail up decal set which Tamiya sells separately for about $11.00 USD. This sprue is no different from the others as it is also molded crisply without any mold lines running down exposed surfaces or burs. These are a few ejector pin marks on the back surfaces but those are nothing to be concerned about as they are on the backside of the pieces.

The last and final sprue consists of mainly all black under chassis, interior tub, the DLO as well as a few other interior bits. This sprue again is very nicely cast with no imperfections anywhere. Included at the bottom of the kit, is a sheet with some background information on the Ferrari FXX K. The instructions for the FXX K is a bit thicker than the usual Tamiya car kit. Formatting is very similar with the first two pages being the paints recommended as well as the overall tools required. The step by step instructions are nice and clear with color call outs on every single one. There are a few sheets of decals and metal transfers for this kit. Take your time with the decals as there will be tons of places where they will be applied. This kit definitely not for the faint of heart simply because of the number of decals you have to place.Overall this kit does not disappoint, it is come to what we expect from Tamiya. Definitely looking forward to building this kit.
Highs: An detailed kit from Tamiya that has very good details. Crisp and clean parts that seem to fit well together. Very straight forward build process.
Lows: Optional detail up parts such as the carbon fiber decal set and photo etched parts not included with the price of the kit.
Verdict: Overall this kit is what you would come to have known from Tamiya. Well engineered scale model kit that has good details and should build without any problems.
Percentage Rating
  Scale: 1:24
  Mfg. ID: 24343
  Suggested Retail: 75.00
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  PUBLISHED: May 31, 2016

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