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In-Box Review
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Bergepanzer Tiger I
Rye Field Model Bergepanzer Tiger I
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by: Adam Mann [ MANNLOON ]

Highs: Lots in the box, good molding, Interesting vehicle.
Lows: Some Inaccuracies, No Zimmerit.
Verdict: Looks promising but we'll have to build her up to see.
  Scale: 1:35
  Mfg. ID: 5008
  PUBLISHED: Jul 27, 2016

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About Adam Mann (Mannloon)

I am a professional video game artist specializing in hard surface modeling and PBR texturing. I started making armor models a few years ago and have been trying since to translate my digital skills to paint and plastic, which isn't always easy. My specialty is German Armor in 1/35.

Copyright 2021 text by Adam Mann [ MANNLOON ]. All rights reserved.


Looking at the picture on ML with the US halftrack in the fore ground , I wonder if the poles on the nose are 2 parts for the boom for the crane ? ( sort of stick them together like a fishing pole ? ) There also seems to be a pulley stuck in behind them . I don't think they are tow bars like we see on modern AFVs . This vehicle is a real head scratcher
JUL 27, 2016 - 05:56 PM
goldnova72- Check the Tamiya famo tank recovery accessory kit instruction. Then you could find the purpose of two tow bar.
JUL 27, 2016 - 06:40 PM
This is a definitely BERGETIGER
JUL 27, 2016 - 06:40 PM
David I actually knew you had nothing to do with the Dragon kit when I recorded this, I wish I'd have said that differently. My point was to say exactly what you're saying which is that they also are making the same mistakes despite having had you accessible on previous kits.
JUL 27, 2016 - 08:35 PM
There are a few issues, but the workable tracks are really nice. This bergepnazer tiger might be a good diorama piece.
JUL 27, 2016 - 08:39 PM
this crane version is so good.
JUL 28, 2016 - 02:08 AM
But was it the prototype of modern AFV's?
JUL 28, 2016 - 04:06 AM
Oh, Biggles! :hit canned laugh track:
JUL 28, 2016 - 04:16 AM
OK ,the Famo did have tow bars . Learn something everyday . Remembering it is another story
JUL 28, 2016 - 07:11 AM

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