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German Tank Crew refuelling
German Tank Crew refuelling w/equipment
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by: Andras [ SPONGYA ]


Milicast one of the largest manufacturers of 1/76th scale resin vehicles. Their figure sets are advertised as 1/72nd-1/76th scale, meaning they can be used with either scale. This is important, since Braille scale modellers are not exactly spoiled with figures like the larger scale crowd. If you like to “crew” your models in a diorama setting to show them being used, undergoing maintenance, being in action, being refuelled, there are not many available options; Milicast is certainly one of them.


The set arrived in a small Ziploc bag. None of the parts were damaged, but the barrel-rider was already broken off from the pouring block. There are no instructions provided, so the photos from Milicast’s website should come handy to see how the figures are supposed to be assembled. (It’s not exactly difficult without the photos, either.) The resin is somewhat brittle, but entirely workable. The casting quality is good; there is no excessive flash anywhere.

The set includes five figures in the process of refuelling a vehicle. (Well, only three people appear to be working; one is resting his leg on a jerry can striking a heroic pose, the other is riding a barrel, (probably reliving his childhood.)

The figures are about 1/72nd scale size as far as I could determine. (It’s more difficult to get correct scales for humans as we tend to be less standardized than vehicles, and come in different heights.) They don’t look neither oversized nor undersized next to the panzer crewmember from Flyhawk’s recent Luchs kit, so they should be fine in any 1/72 diorama setting. (See photo for comparison.)

The details are very delicate, and the figures are very well sculpted. The faces are well proportioned (a problem with a lot of small scale figures), and the poses are dynamic and realistic. They are dressed in mid/late war panzer uniforms as far as I can determine, wearing both the M34/38 side cap and the M43 field cap. The officer –the one posing with the jerry can- wears an old-style peaked cap. They should do fine in a diorama set on either the Eastern or the Western front (but obviously not in a desert environment).

The photos of the Milicast website can be used for painting guide. The figures have medals, patches, etc. sculpted on them which are very tiny; I cannot phantom how I’ll paint them to be honest. (It’s a challenge to paint a German eagle in 1/35th scale, let alone in 1/72nd scale…)
Highs: great detail, good poses; gap filling set for Braille scale modellers.
Lows: cannot really think any.
Verdict: recommended.
Percentage Rating
  Scale: 1:72
  Mfg. ID: FIG057
  Suggested Retail: £8.95
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  PUBLISHED: Aug 20, 2016

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AUG 22, 2016 - 08:49 AM

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