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DAK Officer
DAK Officer
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by: Darren Baker


Djiti Production has released some new resin figures in 1/35th scale covering three of the major powers of World War 2. The one covered in this review is a DAK Officer, a good choice for those looking for something to add to a truck or armoured vehicle to give it some life.


The figure is provided packed inside a clear plastic blister pack with a hanging tab present. This is a nice approach for anyone who wants to keep their purchases safe when not being utilised straight away. If further protected by a cardboard box the item should survive postage well in most cases. Inside is a paper insert showing the figure included and the product information. The three parts that make up the resin figure are packed inside a Ziploc plastic bag, which other than the arm having come free of the pour plug are in the condition the manufacturer intended.

The figures torso, legs and left arm are supplied as a single moulding. The hand of the left hand is in a trouser pocket and the stance looks to me as if leaning against a vehicle, building or such, it is a very nice relaxed pose with good detail present. The boots are the tall laced type with the lace detail being especially well replicated. The crease detail is very nice with a mixture of subtle and pronounced as needed, the subtle creases in the boots are pleasing to see as this is overlooked sometimes.

The top depicted is an item I have not seen before, but it looks to be a jumper with a ribbed collar and cuffs. I tried searching online images without success, but in one of my books it states that the strict uniform policies in place where often overlooked at the front with jackets being swopped for more comfortable items, this being particularly true of panzer crew members. The result of all this would suggest that this figure is working a non regulation top. The right arm is a separate part with a pronounced plug that fits very securely to the main portion of the figure, the result is a very nice fit that does not have to be glued if wished. In the hand of the right hand is a partially smoked cigarette that adds nicely to the relaxed pose.

Moving onto the head and itís an area I have concerns about as the head appears to be gaunt to my eye, this is a real pity as the detail is first rate. The field cap and goggles are nicely done and look the part, the hair detail has been well done and should be pleasing. The face and ear detail is nicely presented, the more I look at the face the I am beginning to think it is the eyes that give the gaunt effect, but your opinion may differ. In order to try and work out why I feel something is wrong I applied a Hornet head to the figure and have supplied images for you to compare the result. Regardless I do like this figure as the pose is a great one of a man at war taking a break.


I have concerns about the head but I cannot work out exactly what I am seeing that is wrong to my eye, the field cap and goggles however are excellent. The rest of the figure is of a very high standard and it is good to have seen Djiti Production improve with every release.
Highs: The pose is first rate.
Lows: There is something wrong with the face in my opinion but I struggle to work out exactly what the issue is. I did note some very minor bubbles when the images were looked at that I could not see before.
Verdict: The figure offers an excellent stance for display with a diorama or on a vehicle.
  Scale: 1:35
  Mfg. ID: 35082
  PUBLISHED: Jun 23, 2018

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The pose is okay, the sweater a nice touch but I feel that the face is soft on detail.
JUN 25, 2018 - 11:29 AM
The head actually looks like an old pinched mold white metal heads did. Too narrow and too gaunt for the body and hands.
JUN 25, 2018 - 09:39 PM
The head is the only thing I am not keen on due to the issues I raised in the review, but I really like the other aspects of this offering.
JUN 26, 2018 - 06:45 AM

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