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Book Review
Panzer Vor!

by: Vinnie Branigan [ TEACHER ]


As any Axis modeller will tell you, the sheer variety of Armour used by the Germans during WWII was incredible. Given that fact, this book does not attempt to cover all German Armour. Rather it attempts to give an overview of the main vehicles that were widely used.


With this in mind, the author, Frank DeSisto, begins his introduction by explaining that his comments should only be taken as a basis for further reading or study. The book begins with a brief explaination of Unit organization within the Panzer Divisions, and an overview of colours and camouflage. Tactical numbering and markings also receive a brief treatment. The book then consists of 60 pages of wonderful black & white photographs of vehicles, every single one of which is captioned by the author, not with a few words, but in nearly every case by a full paragraph or more explaining exactly what can be seen, in partcicular vehicle type, 'Ausfuhrung', and what tactical marking the vehicle may display.

In the centre of the book are 8 pages of colour plates giving some idea of actual colours applied to these vehicles by the artist Laurent Lecocq.

The photographs, which comprise the bulk of the book show an excellent selection of vehicles and their sub-types, from the Panzer I, Panzer II's, loads of Panzer III's and IV's, and Panthers, a few on the Tiger I and II, quite a few on the StuG III, couple of StuG IV's and Jagdpanzers, and then towards the rear of the book it concentrates mainly on armoured cars such as the 232, 263, 231,223,22, and 221. For good measure there is even a photograph of a capture AMD Panhard 178 pressed into German service.

As you will have gathered, there are a lot of vehicles that do not appear in this book. However, this doesn't take anything away from it, since it doesn't pupport to be an encyclopaedia of German Armour. What it is in an extremely enjoyable read with a lot of rare photographs, extremely well-researched and presented, and giving exactly what a modeller wants, from type to colour and markings.


Thoroughly recommended and directed at the modeller, it will give him a plethora of ideas for new dioramas and invaluable references for those differences between the ausf. types.

My thanks to Concord Publications for the review sample.
An enjoyable, useful photographic reference of German Armour from 1939 to 1945.
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  PUBLISHED: Feb 14, 2006

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