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M36 Landsverk Armoured Car
M36 Landsverk Armoured Car
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by: Frederick Boucher [ JPTRR ]

M36 Landsverk Armoured Car is a 1/87 multi-media kit from Artitec. It is item 87.075 and consists of resin and metal parts.

Landsverk L-181 M36
The Netherlands was the primary user of these Swedish armored cars, using about two dozen of them. Germany captured several and used them in occupation and combat. Six other countries used Landsverks, and perhaps the Soviets used some they captured during their invasions of Estonia and Lithuania.

Holland ordered a squadron of 12 L-181s in 1934 and they were delivered in 1936, thus the designation "M36." They had well-sloped armor and were known for robustness and speed. M36s were organized into four platoons of the (1st) Armoured Car Squadron (1e E. Paw.).

In 2005 a former Irish Army Landsverk armored car was offered for sale, purchased, and restored in the Netherlands. It is now on display in the Netherlands. Read all about it - and enjoy the photos - via Click here for additional images for this review, at the end of this review.

The kit
This braille scale M36 Landsverk Armoured Car is crisply cast in a buff resin. The parts are free of air pocks, seam lines, and generally free of flash - I only found flash on one of the main gun and coaxial parts. All of the parts except the wheels and the two hull machine gun barrels are free of their pour blocks. There are 16 resin parts, 12 photo-etched pieces, and a metal rod. Artitec supplies decals.

The main piece is the body, and it is accompanied with a separate turret. Two each of the main armament cannon and machine gun are cast as separate parts Two machine gun barrels are individually cast. Six sets of tires are cast, a pair of single tires for the front axle, and four sets of dual wheels for the rear axles. The commander turret hatch is cast separately.

The photo-etch fret contains:
    2 x Sun Shields for the bow and aft MG
    1 x Driver Hatch
    1 x Splash Shield for the mantel(?)
    5 x Tow Rings
    2 x Mirrors
    1 x Steering Axle

Except as listed above, all detail is molded on. It is a mix of recessed detail, such as the engine louvers and headlight lenses, and raised detail for the rivets and accessories on the exterior. The open hatches are molded with a depression but the body interior is not hollow.

Rivets held the M36 together. Artitec also sculpted fine hinges and handles for the doors and access panels. All of the pioneer tools are molded on the body. On the driver side running board is a jack that strongly resembles a German AFV jack.

The tire and hub detail for the wheels is well cast. I appreciate the photo-etched front axle and steering assembly. I wonder if it will be sturdy enough to support the model?

The fine photo-etch tow rings and hatches add a great detail of authenticity to the model.

While tools are cast on to the port side of the armoured car, the left side sports several brackets that resemble racks for tracks. Photographs show caterpillar tracks for the rear wheels on many M36s, presumably to assist with plowing through soft terrain.

Instructions, Decals, painting
A simple one-page affair of black-and-white line art, it is narrated in Dutch, English and German. It is illustrated in an exploded diagram and easy to follow.

Painting instructions are provided with model components keyed to six (6) colors. Humbrol and Revell are referenced.

Decals are provided for the Royal Netherlands Army. Decals for three (3) cavalry units are provided, as well as 24 individual numbers. The only marking and insignia placement guidance is the box art. (That website I referenced previously contains organizational and marking information.) The decals are opaque and cleanly printed. I have had no problems with Artitec decals in the past that I recall.

While the decals are only for Dutch units, the box art shows a Wehrmacht Beutepanzer and another M36 of unknown unit.

Artitec's M36 Landsverk Armoured Car is an interesting model of a little known AFV. It features crisp high-quality casting and a fine photo-etch set that adds authenticity to the model. My only concern is whether the P/E front axle will hold the weight of the model?

I think this model should be welcome by modelers of the Blitzkrieg and light armored vehicles. As an enthusiast of the early war campaigns and lesser known AFVs, I am enthusiastic about this model. Recommended.

Please remember to mention to Artitec and retailers that you saw this review here - on Armorama.

Click here for additional images for this review.

Highs: Crisp high-quality casting. The fine photo-etch tow rings and hatches add a great detail of authenticity to the model.
Lows: Will the P/E front axle hold the weight of the model?
Verdict: This M36 is an interesting model of a Landsverk armored car. It should be welcome by modelers of the Blitzkrieg and light armored vehicles.
  Scale: 1:87
  Mfg. ID: 87.075
  PUBLISHED: Dec 12, 2018
  NATIONALITY: Netherlands

Our Thanks to Artitec!
This item was provided by them for the purpose of having it reviewed on this KitMaker Network site. If you would like your kit, book, or product reviewed, please contact us.

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Cool little kit that has some nice detail to it. It would definitely be a welcome addition to a model railroad setting. Thank you for the nice review Fred. Randy
DEC 12, 2018 - 02:51 PM

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