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Book Review
US Army Infantry Divisions
U.S. Army Infantry Divisions, 1942-43

by: Mark R. Smith [ GUNNY ]

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Historicus Forma


In this review we welcome a new addition to Osprey Publishing’s “Battle Order” Series of manuals, number 17, “U.S. Army Infantry Divisions, 1942-43. This new volume does an excellent job in the historical explanation of one of the most important elements of the United States military success of this time, the foot soldier. In this book, the author takes you deep into the explanation of the Infantry itself, and it’s operations, and does this in a style that is both easy to follow and to understand. There are much greater volumes written on this subject, but this manual will give a basic, sound understanding of the subject matter.


7.25 X 9.75 Inches
96 Pages
55 Black and White Illustrations
38 Color Illustrations
Publish Date~10 March 2006
Written by John Sayen


Combat Mission and Preparation for War
Unit Organization
Command, Control, Communications, and Intelligence
Combat Operations
Lessons Learned
Bibliography and Further Research

From a personal viewpoint, I really couldn’t wait to read this new title from Osprey Publishing, as I have deep family roots in the U.S. Army Infantry, and have studied the subject from a very young age. Although this volume does not cover every aspect of the Infantry, it does give the reader an "overview” of the subject matter.

Osprey reports that this book is the first of several volumes that will be included in the “Battle Orders” Series of manuals, that will cover the U.S. Infantry formations throughout WWII, in which should prove to be an equally interesting and exciting series. The book is packed with “Tree Diagrams” from the U.S. Army Signal Corps Collection, which lists in a flow chart style the various Infantry Divisions, and just what was included in each. Authentic Military symbols are used throughout, and a handy key at the beginning of the volume will make for easy understanding of the diagrams. Quite frankly, I found these to be fascinating!

Discussions of what made these Divisions "tick" are covered quite well within the text, very surprising for the title size of only 96 pages. Topics such as weapons & tactics, armor, operations, and tactics are included. Well written, and easy to follow, the text accompanies the diagrams, as well as the inclusion of some top notch black and white photographs to help illustrate the topics being discussed. Many informative charts are also included, with titles such as Infantry Division Armored Vehicles, Infantry Anti-tank Weapons, and Non-radio Infantry Division Signal Equipment. These are just a few of the many charts and specifications that you will find in these pages. There is a lot of information available here!

Colorful, detailed battle maps can be found in the “Combat Operations” section, listing the individual battles, dates of battle, divisions involved, and the battle plan. The book winds down into an extensive listing of other publications available for reference and further study of the subject, as well as periodical articles, and website listings also.

The Author

This title is written by John J. Sayen Jr., who retired in August of 2003 from 30 years of active and research service in the United States Marine Corps. He served actively in the Artillery, Armour, and Intelligence Services in this time period. This is John’s first book for Osprey, and he presently resides in the U.S., in the state of Virginia.

in conclusion

Hands down, great little reference title of this subject for the money, for the student or military enthusiast equally. Although for the modeler, it isn't much help, it can add some historical or background information to a diorama scene or vignette of this period,
This book provides a lot of invaluable information in a small amount of space, in an easy to read format, loads of really cool diagrams, charts and spec. tables, all tied together to give the reader a good understanding of the operations of the U.S. army Infantry Divisions of this era. Definitely recommended!

Many Thanks to Osprey Publishing, for the review sample.

Students and Military enthusiasts alike will gain valuable insights of the history of the U.S. Infantry and it’s Divisional Operations of this era, presented to the reader in an exciting and easy to read, very understandable style and format.
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  PUBLISHED: Feb 22, 2006
  NATIONALITY: United States

Our Thanks to Osprey Publishing!
This item was provided by them for the purpose of having it reviewed on this KitMaker Network site. If you would like your kit, book, or product reviewed, please contact us.

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